Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Guns

Time for mega stimulation to begin. I earned a delightful bonus today: I learned my thyroid is as lazy as our gametes (well, one of ours) and I am now on levothyroxine in addition to my three stabbings per night. I am on a precise and full daily schedule of meds, since the thyroid Rx can't be taken with vitamins. This means 1 pill in the morning, 2 pills at night (vitamin and DHA), and 3 shots of heavy-duty hormonal heroin at night. My kitchen seriously resembles a dispensary. Or a crack den. I hid the bag o'needles from the cleaning lady today for fear she would think me a Suburban with a Terrible Secret.

Three shots turned out not to be three times as bad as one, and there have been no immediate side effects from anything. This might (hey fate, com'ere, I wanna tempt you) not be so bad. It occurred to me today that I am within ~2 weeks of making a maybe-baby. Oh, hope, you are a thing with wings. We are going to Vegas the week after the transfer to keep me from peeing on sticks or otherwise worrying (there will be breakthrough worrying, and they probably sell OTC pregnancy tests in vending machines in the chapels). Maybe we can find a bookie willing to hedge an over/under bet on our odds of success. If we transfer 2 embryos, what outcome constitutes covering the spread? We are then possibly going to rent a cabin in northern Michigan with friends the weekend after, around the time of the beta test. I'm not sure if that weekend will be a great idea or a rough go, but I suppose it will depend on the outcome. The friends we are staying with have a baby. Lucky for him, he's cute as pie.

Crossing my fingers for no sucky side effects. Big bucks, no whammies....


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