Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Growing Pains

Bloated? Check. Tired? Check. Eggs growing at a good clip? Check. It still seems like there aren't too many huddling in there, but 8+ measurable between 10-15 mm (and a handful more apparently not worth the good doctor's time) seems sufficient. We are on track for retrieval Monday or Tuesday next week. The stimming is going better than I had horrifically imagined (I pictured me, a rotund beached whale in elastic waistbanded pants, flailing around on the floor bellyaching about my vajayjay paining, but alas, this has not come to pass). A couple more monitoring appointments and then we set the stage for Act 2: The In Vitro-ing.

In the immediate future, this just leaves me to confront The Surgery. Ick. I am counting on that big bottle o'darvocet to get me through since I am no champion when it comes to visceral pain. Good thing I'm trying to get myself into a condition that ends in labor and delivery, eh?

In just over a week, all of this will be over and The Wait begins. Sheist.


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BB said...

OMG... reading about you being on track for your Monday/Tuesday ER made me just realize I am not very far... its already (almost) the weekend! It's amazing how you wait and wait and then drag along and then poof... here it is! Good luck!