Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pants on Fire

The dry run of Rx-stabbing in the clinic (Day 9, Visit 2) was absolutely painless. I braced myself for the agony of a shot in the belly, but none came. What a relief! The practice prog-oil shot in the rear was a little less enjoyable, but still not bad. Then the Rx showed up and I had to administer the first at home. Liars! What sort of magic faux needle did they have me practice with? The real needle hurt, the injection stung for a half hour, and I seethed quietly that this is NOT going to be remotely painless even during the "easy parts" of the cycle. How much more will the prog-oil shot hurt, then?

What is the ratio of:
(no pain / faux arse pain) = (y real pain / x arse pain)?

Solving for "x," we get:
x = (faux / 0) y = I am not amused.

This is gonna be awesome. Ugh.


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