Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vice and Virtue

If patience is indeed a virtue, then I lack much as a human being in character. I am squirming over the continued wait until next Monday. I have the next cycle all planned out and the list of suitable mean-time distractions made (de-wallpaper and paint master bath, clean basement, start going to the gym again and work out like a maniac to lose 10-20 lbs) AND I simultaneously have names picked out and have rehearsed how I will give my husband the news after the beta results are phoned in. This is, like, the worst reality show ever. Wouldn't even be on Bravo.


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BB said...

Oh... I have just begun, but I can feel my lack of patience already! Yes, and I do agree with your about the POAS olympic sport. ;) If not that... may be at least I would like to start my own pee stick company and make some money of off crazy gals like me! :P