Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waiting is the Hardest Part: Part 1

One more day....I am hoping like hell that I hear NOTHING from my RE today, since I was told they would only call if growth ceased on my lonely little embryo. I am opening up the betting pool for how many times per hour I will check my cell phone call log to make sure I didn't miss a message. Even though it will remain sitting right next to me all day. I might be crazy. I am tempted to take my diazepam right NOW.

On the upside of things, my husband nailed the first prog-in-oil shot last night. A little ice to numb my arse, and then a hella long needle jab...and PRESTO!, it went in like buttah. He was piss-in-his-pants nervous about stabbing me with a needle big enough to qualify as a small knife, but he pulled it off without a hitch. I gave lots of positive reinforcement for his job well done. I mean, it works for my dog, so....anyway, yay for the little victories! (And I swear I could probably give myself the injection; it doesn't seem like such a hard angle to maneuver. I kind of like that KB has to get involved with this step, though, since it's one part of the process we can do together. I mean, considering the conception of our embryo took place in different rooms and while I was under sedation....a little needle jab between lovers seems downright romantic.)

Now, back to and wait, dither and stew....

8PM Update: No phone call today. This either means 1) they checked on Single Embryo and saw 2-4 cells merrily dividing, or 2) they did not check today and will do so tomorrow morning with the full range of outcomes still on the table. I want 8 beautiful cells and I want a transfer! Serenity NOW!

8AM Next Day Update: S/he is a possibly going to be a late bloomer, at only 4 cells this morning (~60-some-odd hr post-ICSI) but the RE seems to think it's worth a shot. Nothing screams confidence like "I've seen it work before." I will reserve judgment for the picture of our 4-celled wunderkind we get to see at 10:30AM. Not feeling confident, just slightly less disappointed. A long-shot is better than no shot, right?



BB said...

oh hon... I wish I could say something to make you feel better... my good thoughts and prayers are with you and your embie baby! Hope you go in for your ET as I go in for my ER tomorrow! Hmm... and the PIO's... lets see how my DH does starting Friday! Fortunately, he has been pretty good with Lupron/Follistim! :P

BB said...

Thanks for the constant reinfocement JB... I probably sound like a wus! No call could be a good thing for you! I will probably be out for the first half of tomorrow. Good luck to you!

'Murgdan' said...

Fingers crossed. It's not much, but they're crossed.

Waiting sucks.

Lisa said...

Good luck with the transfer! And thanks for all your comments!