Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waiting is the Hardest Part: Part 2

So, the embryologist gives us around a 25% chance of pregnancy with this one. He and the RE reminded me several times that they are "not God" (thanks, I got confused for a minute) and both think we should just "hope for the best" (again, thanks, since I'm not sure what else there is to do). I am in like with the idea of "pregnant until proven otherwise." At least I can play house with my embryo for a week or so until we find out. A week from next Monday is the beta test - I'm grateful the wait will not be long. I am resolved to NOT test at home, so as not to burst any bubbles prematurely.

I asked only once before going into the OR for the transfer - how soon could we start a new cycle? They would want to take a month off, so not until the end of August. Fair enough. It would give me time to heal my track marks, bruises, and welts in time for new ones.

Here's hoping that won't be necessary...Baby B is cooking in the oven now, just need that little souffle to keep rising...


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Sticky vibes to you! {HUGS}