Sunday, August 23, 2009

Because I Said So

First appointment of the second IVF cycle is tomorrow morning, bright and early. It's only a blood draw to check luteal phase hormones, nothing fancy. No romance with the ultrasound.

I have decided that this cycle is GOING TO WORK. Because I said so. So there.

I will get an afternoon call tomorrow with the green light to start estrogen priming. I hope to dear Jesus that I will take it orally; all the recent blogging about shoving little blue pills into the delicate caverns of ladybits sounds rather un-entertaining. After tomorrow, I just have to wait ~1 week for the bleeding to begin so we can start stimming on day 3. I've got a fully-stocked fridge-pharmacy, giant bag o'needles, and bruise-free belly at the ready. Sing it with me, Paul McCartney:

When I find myself about to cycle, my Aunt Flo, she comes to me
Bringing cramps and bloating, let it bleed.
And in the week of priming there is estrogen, orally
Before we start the stimming, let it bleed.
Let it bleed, let it bleed, let it bleed, oh let it bleed
So I can start this cycle, let it bleed.



'Murgdan' said...

Let it bleed, baby.

It will work

It has to.

Pundelina said...

I third the motion. It shall work.

LOL at your morphed song lyrics. Let it bleed indeed.

And more lol at my word verification. "Unbum" ... it's like reverse swearing and I shall take it as a positive omen for you.

Simple said...

You are SMAHT! Thanks for the comment on my post from this morning. You brought me back to reality & made me feel better than the nurse did!

Simple said...

Love your updated Paul M. song ... who thought you'd want to see Aunt flo so bad?! LET IT BLEED!!!