Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Bee

Things That Are Keeping Me Busy And (Mostly, Okay Somewhat) Angst-Free:
  1. Putting sweat equity into a budget remodel of the master bath. Stripping wallpaper, painting, contemplating a new sink.*
  2. Ordered a dozen books from Borders to finish the catalogue of Pynchon and Huxley novels I have long wanted to read.
  3. Thinking about (but not following through with) going back to the gym and actually doing something to lose my Infertility Flab. Does thinking about it burn any calories?
* The sink I want costs about the same as 1.5 cartridges of Follistim. This may be a convenient way to benchmark pricing now. "How much was that purse?" - "Oh, it was on sale for 3 vials of PIO." "How much are U2 tickets going for?" - "Well, we paid 1 box of Menopur."



Pundelina said...

Haha - I bought a "half a bottle of Synarel" dress yesterday. Sounds so cheap when I put it like that.


Pundelina said...

LOL - I just read your blogger profile comment - I, too, am equipped with towel (and a fuzzy dressing-gown)!