Monday, August 24, 2009

For Serious?

Slight hitch: I haven't ovulated yet. Today is day 19. Motherf#@ker. This is a first for like-clockwork me. I go back for bloodwork on Thursday to check again. This delays IVF cycle #2 by AT LEAST a week, and maybe more if my body decides to continue to backfire. Great. *deep breath, teeth clenched, happy smiles*

Update: Who was I kidding? I could not fight temptation, so I broke down and bought an OPK. Actually, I was hasty and bought the wrong one. The reason the kit I purchased is cheaper is because instead of "POAS," I must instead "PIAC" - pee in a cup. Gross. But, since infertility has left me virtually devoid of any type of humility with regard to all things ladyparts, pee in a cup I shall. And the cheap-ass strip shows two lines. Hard to tell if the test line is exactly as dark as the control, but it's damn close, which means LH should be effing surging and my ovaries (one of them, anyway) should be about to drop it like it's hot. Thursday will tell.



BB said...

Oh oh! Not sure how your cycle exactly works and how your RE handles such a situation... but in between/around my IUI's I DID NOT ovulate, and my RE (as much as I was not a very big fan of not getting my AF before starting a new cycle) used to think it was okay to continue with the next cycle as long as my lining and b/w was in sync with CD3. What I mean is, if by around CD35, if I had not ovulated and my lining/hormones were low enough, we would start the next cycle... if I was half way there... as in my lining was half way there, he has induced my AF with Prometrium. Hope you ovulate soon, but if not see if something I mentioned above is an option for you!

Pundelina said...

Damn! Was your oestrogen elevated enough to indicate that you're on the way to ovulation?

Hope your bod starts cooperating.


JB said...

I don't know what my estrogen was; I know they checked progesterone and it indicated no o. Perhaps they want me back on Thursday because of the estrogen? I resisted buying an OPK, figured what's the use (other than to blow $40). If nothing happens on Thursday, I will ask them if we can induce a period and get on with it. For crying out loud.

Mrs. Hammer said...

I had the same problem but I asked my RE to do a progesterone check this cycle. I didn't ovulate at all so they put me on prometrium and I'm STILL waiting for AF three days from my last pill. I just want to get our IVF#2 started as well!!