Monday, August 10, 2009

Photojournalist's Edition

Notes from vacation: Vegas was fun, but less so when the spotting started the night before the beta test and I basically knew that the cycle was a wash AND that I had missed out on a lot more fun the previous few days thinking (like a fool) that I might be pregnant. Saugatuck and Lake Michigan were fun, but less so when we shared a small cottage with another couple and their baby. I could elaborate on this, but I believe it is clear on twenty-seven levels. At least I got out of the house and had some distractions. (I work at home, and pity parties are always on the agenda unless I am super busy...distractions are GOOD.)

And now.....more pictures!



I believe the look on her face pretty accurately reflects my mood much of the time. But gotta keep on truckin'....placed the order for even more expensive drugs today. Round 2.


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Pundelina said...

Hi there, I saw you on Murgdan's blog and popped in to say Hi. Sorry that IVF#1 was a washout :(

I had a crappy response to IVF#1 too and am heading into an antagonist cycle in September like you.

Good luck with number 2 (and I'm glad your trip was some fun for you).