Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sloppy Seconds

We are a go for another cycle. As soon as the promised-to-be-heavy period starts, we start counting until day 19 (luteal phase), and then we begin estrogen priming. THEN...we are switching to an antagonist protocol (like my use of "we" - in the communal sense, as if my RE is going to jump in and help? Maybe she'd like to come over and give my injections). Apparently, the professional medical consensus is that I am A) NOT a poor responder BUT B) DID have an aversion to lupron (over-suppressed, under-stimmed, therefore too few mature eggs to do much with). Lupron was my least favorite drug of the bunch, anyway. And it causes osteoporosis. I already got bonus hypothyroidism from this mess; I would prefer NOT to receive any additional diagnoses, especially of the life-long variety, please and thank you. We (the royal "we") will start stimming in early September and be done with retrieval and transfer by mid-September. I still get to go to my U2 concert September 12 in Chicago, and we can keep our vacation plans in Austin at the end of September/early October. Not too shabby. I was warned that we are going to begin the stim with ginormous doses out of the gate, and pull back if needed, so I will probably enjoy a great deal more bloating and discomfort. Bring it. Do your worst. Just get me pregnant.



BB said...

Great news! Its always nice to have POA! :)

JB said...

Heh, I wasn't immediately sure what POA meant (dimwit), so I googled:

Plan of Action (probably right)
Puppeteers of America
Protection of Assets
Piece of Ass
Profession of Arms
Psychiatry of Old Age
Probability of Adequacy
Pay on Arrival
Part of Assembly
Period of Availability
Procrastinators of America
Prisoner of Azkaban

I might fall into several of these categories. ;)

Simple said...

It sucks - this whole infertility crap, but your sense of humor cracks me up! Keep it coming .. it does your soul good, right? Plus my IVF is starting as we speak so I need all the laughs I can get. Thank you.

Katie said...

It sounds like you have a good plan. Good for you for looking ahead so positively.

P.S. Check out my have an award waiting for you!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Oh the irony. So we had similar cycles for IVF BUT my hubby will have to give up his U2 concert for IVF #2. Serves him right for trying to go with out me.

P.S. I have an award waiting for you.