Monday, September 7, 2009

Hurt So Good

Menopur is going to be a challenge. Squooshing 1 cc into a subcutaneous space (although ample) does not feel spiffy. But, to quote Fred Durst, I do it all for the nookie. Well, if you substitute "nookie" for "IVF stimming," with the end result being the fixed variable (live baby), that's what I do it for. We're starting with a pretty rocking dose of Follistim with Menopur - so a total of 1.375 cc get injected into my belly until it looks like I got what I deserved for stealing Tyson's tiger. I can't wait until we add the antagonist next weekend. My abdominal s.c. layer will be the clown car of injected fluids - just keep packing 'em in.

I am cherry picking amongst suggestions for food rituals this cycle. I can do high-protein. I am prepared to make eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast. That's an improvement in my morning routine, not a sacrifice. I have the high-protein variety of my favorite cereal (not as good as the chocolately kind, but I'll bite the bullet). I even had a protein-fortified shake with breakfast today. I intensely loathe pineapple, but I will consider trying to choke some down at the end of next week when we get to transfer. That's pretty committed. I am thinking of skipping acupuncture this time. Getting to appointments, squeezed into a busy practice schedule - let's just say it falls short of relaxing and the benefits of acupuncture in IVF have not been demonstrated in an adequately controlled study, anyway. We'll see. I'd rather schedule massages around important dates, which have no proven benefit other than I freaking love them. All in all, I am convinced that the less I think about this cycle, the better. That includes ancillary appointments and consulting Dr. Google. I just need to keep distracted. (I finished the bathroom makeover. Now I have all those books I said I would read. And the new TV line-up starts this month. I wonder which one will predominate? Idiot box is a good bet.)

Day 1 of stims (day 3 overall) is under my belt now. Another week and we're ready to harvest from this egg farm.



'Murgdan' said...

May the next week pass quickly...and be full of follicular fun that produces the one...

Pineapple or not.

Protein shakes. Eggs and protein shakes.

Simple said...

Congrats on the meds.. ha ha. Repeat after me "it will be worth it, it will be worth it". I'll be following, encouraging you & sending positive thoughts!

Thanks for the comment(s) on my blog - it's comforting not to feel alone in this f'd up war. :)

Pundelina said...

"Sometimes love don't feel like it should..."

Ahhh the love of subcutaneous moothafooker injections. I always think the PI in PIO stands for "Pain In", though I'm not too sure what the O is for then - there's no synonym for belly that starts with O. My tummy hurts too.

I have jumped onto the protein ship with you - starting with eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning. Yummo. That's the kind of IVF-living I like.

Grow eggies, grow!

Amy said...

I just had eggs for dinner! I am hoping to add lots more protein. Also, I agree with you on the acupuncture topic. I am not stressing about fitting them into my schedule, just trying have a few appointments during the cycle.

This will be my first full cycle with Menopur. I had a booster shot of it last cycle when my Estrogen dropped. So, I will get the full effects this time around.

Thanks for the comment!