Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IVF Scout Motto: Be Prepared

Is it a bad sign for my state of mind, and overall faith in reproductive science, that I have already made a detailed list of WTF follow-up consultation questions and am contemplating scheduling the appointment? I haven't decided if I would switch clinics or give my current RE a "best of 3" opportunity. I suppose it would depend on her proposed plan of action and my gut feeling at that point. Also, incidentally, emerging details of the embryo mix-up between the Ohio and Michigan couples make me very strongly suspect that my current clinic may be The One. Awesome. 
This is officially the longest week ever, the latter half of the godawful 2 week wait. Since the last one and possibly until the next, anyway.


Simple said...

I would like to believe there is power in positive thinking, but having a failed cycle myself, I know what a crock that can seem. So I say - do whatever you need in order to maintain some semblance of sanity. Ha ha, right? Stay strong & know that positive thoughts are being sent to you! Crossing all my fingers & toes .. I would cross my ovaries, but I only have one.

hope4joy said...

Good luck tomorrow. I am thinking of you.