Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of These Things is Just Like the Other

We are on track for a Saturday retrieval. I wish I could be more excited.

This morning we saw only 2 large follicles on the right, and 3-4 on the left. That's it. There are a bunch on both sides <10 mm, but what good are they? This is IVF #1 all over again. I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I am just going through the motions to get to IVF #3 now. This sucks. Everything about this sucks. Maybe the Menopur did its job and the puny number we collect will all be mature, and all will fertilize. Ah....but for the super shitty sperm situation. I feel fucked.



Pundelina said...

Jeezusfukdamn for you too. I so completely get how you are feeling and I wish neither of us felt this way.

To quote a wise friend of mine "...remember, we only need 1 or 2 good eggs to fertilize to make this happen. It's a numbers game for sure, but in the end it's quality over quantity that works. Stay calm! Don't panic!"

BB said...

Oh hon... just like you said... deep breath...! All we can do is try our best and hope for the best! This just feels like a never ending journey no matter what stage you are at!

Simple said...

The old age question "why" comes to mind .. it just sucks! Sending you positive vibes & hoping it all works out in the end.!!