Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pop-In

Aunt Flo, the bleeding bitch, decided to pop in unannounced today, with no fanfare or symptomology at all (other than the obvious). All of the signs and symptoms I used to rely on for bodily cues are long gone. Sore boobs? Daily occurrence with any estrogen or progesterone supplementation on board. Ute cramps? Can't really distinguish anything anatomically below the waist anymore, it's just a jumble of overripe organs and muscle twitches. Bloating? A mathematical constant. Anyway, the good news is that I can call the RE's office in the morning to tell them day 1 was today. This means day 3 will be Monday, baseline and start of stims. Labor Day? Could it be a sign?*

I thank anyone who took the time to read my previous post - I am not complaining, just observing. This is a complicated and delicate dance we do, infertiles trying to get pregnant, and lots of feelings are involved. I can sincerely understand anyone deciding that reading or commenting on certain blogs is too hard or feels too uncertain. I appreciate any and all support from anyone, whether still barren like me or a miracle of modern science and finally knocked up. I'll try to keep giving it, too.**

* I am not superstitious, but I am TOTALLY going to follow some rituals this cycle for kicks. So, Labor Day baseline is good. I am going to see U2 in Chicago next weekend, which for some reason feels like good mojo. And I'm adopting a few habits I've read from some successfully knocked up bloggers. High protein diet for stimming. Acupuncture (did this last time, will repeat). Pineapple on the day of transfer. Actually, can someone explain that to me? That seems so random. I don't love pineapple, but if you can give me a semi-solid reason I will absolutely do it. Am I missing anything good? Or at least comical?

** Let's all pinky swear not to post that shit on facebook, for everyone's sake. Saw another pregnancy post today, from a chick much younger than me working on her 4th or 5th kid. Her initial tease post was "Oops, we did it again." And when no one took the bait, she provided a maximum-word post with number of weeks, what genetic tests, gender, the whole works. As Christian Bale would say, "GOOD FOR YOU!"



Katie said...

Pineapple has some chemical in it (bro-something?) that is supposed to help with implantation. I read that you should cut up a pineapple, core and all (supposedly the core has the most of the chemical) and eat a fifth of it each day for five days. I didn't eat the core, but I did eat an entire pineapple in five days after transfer. I figured if I was willing to shell out 16,000 for the IVF without it being a sure thing, I was willing to buy and eat a pineapple with no sure results, too. My IVF worked- so who knows if the pineapple did anything. Happy pineapple eating! :)

'Murgdan' said...

Well. This time around I must confess (haven't confessed this yet)...I did the pineapple thing. I bought a fresh one and started eating it the day before transfer and ate two slices a day for the next three days.

Why? Well, the rumor would be that the pineapple (and mostly the core of the pineapple--so don't toss it) contains a compound called bromelian--which somehow aids in implantation.

I had always quietly laughed at pineapple eating people....but I did totally go with that this last time.

Probably has nothing to do with my current 'condition', but you never know.

I also did a very high protein diet for stimming.

Also. I will never post anything close to 'ooops' anywhere...ever. Promise.

Good luck.

BB said...

Supposedly the core of a pineapple has bromelain which assists in implantation. However, too much of pineapple ain't good either... since it is known to induce (preterm) labor/miscarriage! I tried it during my 3rd IUI (chemical pregnancy)... the outcome didn't really encourage me to try it again durimg the IVF. But that is just me!

Pundelina said...

Day 1!!!! Hooray - we can be cycle buds cause I'm on Day 2 and am starting jabbing tomorrow. I hope to god we both get to jump our own ships at the end of the month.

There's conflicting information out there about pineapple - it's the bromelain that's supposed to be effective/or not. No scientific evidence about it at all that I could find. I ate some around ET last time.


Lisa said...

Sorry for becoming a "silent follower." I thought I did comment on your Duggar post the other day (truly sickening), but I guess I didn't. And I've appreciated your continued support. For me, I guess I've been waiting on a post like today's, so I can start cheering you on again. If I remember correctly you're gonna be super-stimming right away? Good luck!!