Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hope Is a 4-Letter Word

So is pupo.

As is poas.

And beta.

Then, finally, fail.

In the space of time between the negative HPT and spotting, all the way through the beta blood draw and until the phone call, I let myself wonder if I tested too early, if it was just spotting and not an impending period.


I am not pregnant.  Again.



'Murgdan' said...

I give you the exact phrase that just escaped my lips when I read this post...


I'm so sorry.

But you are not a fool...please know that. Hope always holds out till the very end.

I'm so sorry.

Pundelina said...

I just said "fuck!"

That's awful news and I'm so so sad for you.


Once Upon A Time said...

I am so so very sorry. :(
Thinking of you.

ASP said...

God. So sorry.

BB said...

So sorry Jen! :(

hope4joy said...

I am more than sorry. We all continue to hope until the bitter end. You are certainly not a fool. Take some time for yourself. I will be thinking of you. This sucks.

Mrs. Hammer said...

Aw man, that just sucks the big fatty. Sorry for the massive delay of sympathetic comments. I hope food and shopping have been theraputic.