Saturday, November 28, 2009

"It's Like a 5 Year Responsibility"

I present to you, another woman who is (most likely) incredibly fertile and (quite clearly) concomitantly stupid:

I know, Bonnie, it's hard to comprehend giving up beer pong for like a whole MONTH! Like shit, dude. And 5 years is like a crazy long time to take care of a baby -- I mean, it takes like 6 years to graduate from state college, and that is totally HARD! 

I think the US government should not only reform health care to include comprehensive coverage for infertility treatment, but should launch a special initiative to get us knocked up ASAP at any cost. Idiocracy is not far behind. ("Ouch, my balls!")


'Murgdan' said... Wow. You mean I'm gonna have to stop drinking? And FIVE years? I was thinking more like 4 and a half.


jenicini said...

Cracking up that I don't get to reproduce but she does!

Lisa said...

You crack me up!