Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Madame Ovary: My egg donor consultation went well today. A donor cycle would only take 2.5 months from start to finish; if we need to move on to that after our January cycle we could start right away, without delay. And, oh, how I wish time really WAS money. One donor egg cycle will cost around $20K, or we could shell out closer to $35K for a 3-cycle (plus unlimited FETs) shared risk program. The consolation prize if you don't take home a baby is 100% refund. But if we got pregnant on cycle 1, we would forfeit so much money....how much is peace of mind worth? I was excited to learn that they can match me with a repeat donor, so we would have stats on her mature egg count, fertilization rate, and number of viable pregnancies for prior recipient(s). The appointment left me feeling pretty resolved and hopeful that we have a solid Plan B in place. They were playing Christmas music in my doctor's office this afternoon, too, which always puts me in a good mood.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: But...why does it feel like the winter holidays are creeping back further and further each year? Christmas stuff used to come out after Thanksgiving, and now it's out right after Halloween. Why the rush? I sometimes forget until I see the candy and swag in full display at the department stores. You could be from another planet and figure out American holidays just by the bags of candy on sale in bulk at the local grocery store: candy hearts and bon-bons, peeps and Cadbury eggs, candy corn and miniature Snickers, and then candy canes and red and green M&Ms. (I am deliberately omitting any made-up holidays that I loathe -- I'm looking at you, Sweetest Day; nice try Hallmark!). Anyway, we are hosting the family Christmas party this year and I am in full-on planning mode (if it can't be stims and ultrasounds, then tablecloths and serving trays shall feel my wrath!). I bought a shit-ton of decorations from Target's after-holidays clearance sale last year and have all my stuff organized in the basement in anticipation of going bonkers with it this weekend. That's what long weekends are for, right? The dog gets very confused this time of year, since we move furniture around to make room for the tree and other decorations. Speaking of the devil dog.....

This is my 6-year-old puppy being humiliated in an elf hat:

And in a Santa hat:

And in plush reindeer antlers:

(Is she being a demure doggy or giving me the stinkeye in these pictures? She got boatloads of treats for this; so no harm, no foul.)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


ASP said...

Does your insurance cover any of the donor cycle? I'm curious about the hoops you have to jump through with insurance and a donor cycle. So you'll do another fresh cycle and then move onto donor? Sounds like a plan, Stan. I'm the same way and always need a backup plan. I'm neurotic like that.

Yes, your pooch is so cute! We always put our dogs on our Christmas cards (DUH! We don't have kids) and I said that this year we weren't doing it because we always had Bruce and Fonz and now we have Lucy because we had to put Fonz to sleep. Sad face. So we'll see what I come up with. I may put a picture of me with a pillow stuffed up my shirt with the words, "SIKE! " underneath it. Oh, whatever.

Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving! I sure am thankful for friends like you that have been so supportive (and funny) throughout this crazy year! THANK YOU!

JB said...

Insurance might (clinic is checking) pay for a few thousand $ worth of procedures (anything not related to the donor), taking the out-of-pocket costs down to around $10K (plus meds) per donor cycle. If so, I would not bother with the shared risk program. If the insurance company finds a loophole (i.e. no accompanying egg retrieval code with the embryology and transfer codes, which would obviously flag it as a donor cycle) to avoid paying, we would be more inclined to go with shared risk as a de facto "insurance policy." I hope not, since that would require a loan and I do not want to go broke for this. At least we would be guaranteed a refund if no baby, which would cover adoption costs.

I am holding out hope that our own cycle will work. Foolish, but that might as well be my middle name. I duz not lern.

hope4joy said...

I LOVE the dog pics. The things us childless women make our pooches endure. Everyone suffers right?

The amount of money for either option is ridiculous. It is just one of the many unfair things about IF. I am glad you are feeling better about Plan B.

Happy decorating this weekend!

'Murgdan' said...

Glad the consult went well..and that you at least got some good info. And OH what a cute doggie you have there. :-)