Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Shot J.R.?

My husband's company moved its headquarters several years ago and keeps quasi-threatening to relocate him (and therefore me) to the out-of-state office. They know I work from home, so it's hard to throw up barriers to our mobility. But my RE clinic is here. And my husband's family. And most of our friends. But also a shit local and state economy and a lot of recent, bad memories from an unfortunate journey we never imagined we would have to take. Our life here has roots; including some rotten ones, I suppose.

They want to potentially relocate us from the metro Detroit area to Dallas. Not much of a trade-up, methinks. If they were asking us to move to Austin or San Francisco or Chicago or New York...or any number of other more funky or cosmopolitan places, I would be delighted. But Dallas? Where my neighbors would be George W. Bush and Kwame Kilpatrick? Yikes.

If we are indeed asked to move, we may widen our geographic search for alternative jobs for my husband in more desirable cities. It would be a fresh start in a lot of ways, and would help us unload our house in favor of a bigger one (the current company would cover relo expenses and buy our house with a significant contribution to achieve fair market value -- a huge bargaining chip if the job search ensues). Michigan is suffering miserably in this recession, so it might be a wise move in the long run, whether to Dallas or elsewhere. But I am just so overcome with inertia while we are still trying to get pregnant -- I need to fight (and win) one battle at a time, and that is the most important.

If you and/or your spouse were offered a job in another city, would you consider? Why or why not? What city would be your top pick? I need answers, people of the internets. Tell me what I think.


hope4joy said...

We would not be able to move for two reasons. My husband is a business owner and he has had a loyal following here in town for about 15 years. He is no spring chicken and the idea of starting all over somewhere new would be to much. The second reason is because if I am gone from home for more than 10 days I get very sick. I mean flu like, terrible sick. The only thing that can cure it is hearing my mom's voice or coming home ASAP. It sounds strange but has happended to me since I was a little girl. Enough reality, fantasy land, I would live in the north side of Chicago tomorrow. I have never been to Dalls so I have nothing for you there. I know you need another complicated decision in your life like a hole in the head. Poor girl.

jenicini said...

Since hubby is in the Army, so yes, we move! This was something I knew going into it though. They like to dump us in little podunk towns which is just sad after growing up in LA! However, I love to travel and would like to live in Austin, Boulder, Seattle...:)

Pundelina said...

We can't move due to the shared custody situations. But if we were footloose and fancyfree I'd move in a heartbeat to somewhere warmer than here. If we were in the USA, San Francisco would top the list. DH just returned from there and he says it's beautiful.

I'm a happy mover though, have lived in 30 houses over 3 states (so far) in my life.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

kdactyl said...

My husband is always trying to move us across the country. We live in Northern CA and even though we were both born and raised here, he ended up in South Carolina for several years and says he would love to get back to the South. We almost moved to Nashville a few years ago and in doing the research I really, really likes what I saw...but I am just too tied to this place now that we have had our son. I would feel bad removing him from any and all family. So even though I would go if the price is right (and it would have to be really right because DH and I make the same amount of money) inclination is to stay here.

Mrs. Hammer said...

Hammer was offered a job in NJ right before we were to start IVF #1. I told him 'absolutely not' and I'm so glad that we decided to stay as this journey is getting more and more difficult.

ASP said...

I think we would totally move if R's job required/offered it. He's a trader so he can basically work from anywhere. That being said, we've discussed moving to Boulder, CO sometime in our future. Who knows if it'll ever happen. We love the city a lot and that would make moving an even harder decision, so the place we were moving to would have to meet certain requirements. If we didn't like where we were that would make things easier. When will you know if you'll be moving?

PS-Hope4joy, you're more than welcome to come and visit us on the Northside anytime you're in town! Hell, all of you can come! ;)

areyoukiddingme said...

My husband and I were offered jobs at the same company 2 and a half years ago. The job was about 9 hours away from where we live. For a variety of reasons (one of which was that I was unwilling to leave my doctors), he took the job and I didn't. He commuted for 2 years.

I would live anywhere, as long as there was a city not too far away! I need to be close to civilization.