Monday, December 21, 2009

Back on the Sauce

Labwork done. Check. Estrace started. Check. $5000 worth of meds ordered. Check. Enthusiasm....working on it.

Here's my pep talk for the Ovs:

Hey, Ovaries. What's up? Merry Christmakwanzukkuh and a Happy Festivus to you, too! No, YOU look like you've lost weight....Did you cut your hair?...Okay, listen up. Time to get serious. Here's the deal. This is our last shot with your goods. Got it? Last chance. No more fucking around. Synchronize those emmeffers with estrogen and then when the good stuff gets pumped in, get to work! No more of that immature egg bullshit. Oh now, now, don't cry my little Ovaries. I still love you. This is, however, contingent upon your performance in about 2 weeks. So hustle up.

Sometimes your ladyparts just need tough love, you know?


'Murgdan' said...

Hoping the tough love does the trick...I'd throw in a few choice curse words too if I were you. Seriously, more fun and games.

hope4joy said...

Tough love is a great way to go. TWO WEEKS, I am so freakin excited for you!

bunny said...

You can do it, ovaries! Be sure to pamper them, too, so they don't get all pissy. Maybe a massage, or take them out for a nice dinner.