Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dear Santa...

This'll go great with the prostate exam I got KB for Christmas:


jenicini said...

LOL! :)

ASP said...

Damn, I'm so sorry about your FIL. That sucks. Yeah, things that just come out of the blue like that can really put things into perspective. I hope that your family is coping okay and your FIL is comfortable. Stage IV doesn't sound very good, but sometimes you really never know. I think that whether your FIL beats this or not, using his name is a great tribute to the man that he is. All my best with this. Cancer sucks.

I will definitely let you know when we have the "Burn Party." I'd love to have you over and we have plenty of room, so you wouldn't have to worry about anything but bringing shit to burn! Woot!

2010 *has* to be our year. Seriously.