Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O, O It's Magic

Last night's conversation* between KB and me:

KB: When is the "egg drop" happening?
Me: Who cares?
KB: I care! We have to try.
Me: *snort* Try what?
KB: Come on, maybe the Clomid is working and my sperm could...
Me: Fine. I'll do you.

My handy digital pee stick says today is the beginning of the Almighty LH Surge (the last of 2009!) so I guess we will start bonking like horny monkeys tonight. My sister is coming to town tomorrow and staying with us all weekend for the big family Christmas party on Saturday, and our guest room is unfortunately located right next door to our bedroom. No privacy, people. KB casually suggested we could get freaky in the car. Right. It's subzero outside! Leather seats! Also, I've never seen "in the driver's seat of a Jeep" on any lists of best baby-making positions. Maybe we'll be crafty. Or maybe we'll just be crazy super quiet late at night, with lights out, under the covers. Like God intended (hahahahaha).

I haven't even ordered meds for the January cycle yet. I go in next Monday for bloodwork so I can start estrace, and I suppose we'll have to take care of my drug jones then. I guess this cycle is about to happen. Rah rah rah. Woot. Huzzah. Etc.

*I may be paraphrasing a little. But only a little.


BB said...

I love your sense of humor! Good luck this weekend!

jenicini said...


'Murgdan' said...

What is this bonking you speak of? We bonked ourselves out the first year. There has been minimal bonking ever since....

Glad the old year is signing off for you...and hoping for a fresh shiny start to the next one.

JB said...

Trust me, by now the bonking is purely a clinical machination to get the sperms into the vag to wait for an egg when the pee stick and the mittelschmerz tells me to. Sadly, not much else. During IVF cycles, there is little to no bonking of any kind while I am hormotional. I don't know what will happen if we actually do get pregnant...I can't risk having a wiener disturb the beh-beh! It'll have to be hand-job-Fridays for a while in that case.

bunny said...

I LOVE hand-job-Fridays! Much more fun than pretending-to-be-asleep-Mondays.