Saturday, December 5, 2009

O Tannenbaum Your Deathstar Does Delight Us

We have a rather, um, unique Christmas tree. Oh sure, it's normal by all outward appearances:

But on closer inspection...

A Wookie! "Arggnnhhh!" (Wookie for "Happy Holidays, rebels.")

But wait, there's more:

A fully functional Deathstar!

And the coup de grace:

Because no Christmas tree is complete without a badass Yoda.

And lastly, for the fellas:

Yes, the image that teenage boys masturbated to in the late 70's and early 80's is on my Christmas tree. Putting the "Oh, Christ!" back in Christmas.

We DO have some normal ornaments, too. Evidence:

I went all Martha-Stewart-minus-the-Camp-Cupcake-sentence and made the last one by hand. I sculpted a teeny tiny Kong! And without a staff of 50 underlings to do the work for me.


'Murgdan' said...

LOVE it. :-)

jenicini said...

My husband is so jealous. He wants your Star Wars ornaments! Love your little doggie + kong! :) Go you!

bunny said...

Super awesome! You might like this:

hope4joy said...

My hubby LOVES - LOVES your tree. One of our extra rooms in the new house has been dubbed the Star Wars room.

JB said...

Our home office (where I work full-time) has a special shelf for my husband's Star Wars bobbleheads. And we have a Darth Tater on a shelf under the tv in the family room (Mr. Potatohead + darth helmet + light saber = nerd's delight). We try to keep the rest of the house respectably adult-like. Except for the imaginary kid's room, which is already sort of decorated in the colors I planned for him or her and has kid-friendly furniture....and a secret dresser drawer filled with sock monkey toys that will one day be his or hers...