Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are We There Yet?

Somebody please shoot me with a tranquilizer dart. Or two. Or more. This week is too goddamned long. For serious.

I don't even know how early I can start peeing on sticks to get a first response (hence the name!) without measuring the residual trigger shot...maybe Thursday? Tomorrow? Every single time I have to pee (which is often, thanks to the lingering effects of hyperstimulation)?



jenicini said...

Three tranqs coming your way! :) Seriously these weeks are torturous! No idea of when to poas, but I'm hoping for you girly! :)

bunny said...

Lord, it must be COMPLETE HELL. I'm curious, actually, if there are any anti-anxiety meds that are safe to take during this time. Not that this would make the wait seem shorter, but you might care less. I have a feeling you know the answer to this question.

I hope you will test as soon as humanly possible. Will your clinic tell you when you can start, or will they just want you to wait for the beta?

hope4joy said...

Ahh - Love the two week wait! It is total absolute evil hell. Don't you wish you could just go to sleep, wake up and have your beta results? Nice thinking huh? Other than the nerves and constant peeing, how are you feeling? My RE says 11 days past transfer is when you can POAS and trust it. Hang in there girlie.

Mrs. Hammer said...

Let's see...if you triggered on the 9th then the 20th (today) would be the first day you could test and likely not get the trigger shot i.e. 11dp trigger. Hmmmm....tempting?

ASP said...

tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...............still wearing my sombrero! ;)