Friday, January 8, 2010

The Daily Show

Dr. Horrible: I had the "other" RE this morning, the one who likes to recap my entire shitty reproductive history and give me a didactic lecture on just how fucked this cycle probably is -- you know, given my shitty reproductive history -- while he's shoving the wand up my cooch. Also, today he marveled at how fast I had dropped trou and landed on the exam table with my paper sheet tucked nicely around my bare ass before he breezed into the room. Without knocking. Stay classy, doc. He did give my uterus high marks for form and function (I magically went from an 8 mm lining yesterday to 11 mm today -- either someone is just eyeballing those measurements on the sono screen, or my uterus is truly amazing.) We had quite the Socratic discourse this morning, really. And I have to go back again tomorrow and Sunday. I should have a room named for me with a placard on the door and a nameplate on the table.

The bottom line is that I have to stim an extra day. Ooph. My left ovary is ripe with 2 follicles on the verge of catastrophic eruption, while my right ovary is being lazier with the lion's share of 4 or 5 follicles that are taking their motherfucking time. Gawd. Everything below my nipples is so uncomfortable right now, I wish I could premedicate with a fistfull of darvocet and that lone valium and wash it down with some vodka. Mah ovureez ar ezploding. Halp!

In Other News: My father-in-law is at home now, resting somewhat uncomfortably in his fancy new hospital bed and his favorite recliner. I guess the phone is ringing off the hook there, and my mother-in-law feels compelled to answer it every. single. time. it. rings. She will even converse with telemarketers. (I, on the other hand, give them the verbal finger and threaten their children with bodily harm if they do not remove me from their call list.) So the poor guy isn't getting enough sleep. We're all taking turns going over there daily to hang out with him, and try to occupy some of my mother-in-law's time so he can catch a few catnaps.

My mother-in-law told me that he said his last wish is that KB and I will have a baby. This breaks my heart. I wish that, too. And I wish he would be here when it happens. I wish he could be the first family member to hold his new grandchild. I wish the universe worked differently than it does sometimes. Like right now.

Golden Retrieval: So I think we are set for surgery on Monday. I just want to get this over with, get to transfer next week, and then ride it out. KB and I have so much else to think about right now. He said to me in bed last night, just before we fell asleep, "I guess I need to buy a black suit for the funeral." Heart = pieces.


hope4joy said...

so, you have a few things going on huh? I am sorry that you had the "other" RE. I don't much care for mine's bedside manner either.

Hope you find some comfort before you burst. Monday c'mon!!

ASP said...

Man, those last 2 paragraphs are heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

bunny said...

My RE is kinda socially inept too. But at least he always brings a med student or fellow along to make me feel like more of a spectacle. The last wish business is so, so sad.

'Murgdan' said...

Wishing you all the best for Monday...and I'm sorry there has to be so much other 'stuff' going on during what is already a stressful time.

Mrs. Hammer said...

{{HUGS}} for your family situation. I will be praying that maybe he will be around for some good news in the next few weeks.

I think RE's should have a wall of plaques naming the highest spenders in their clinic. Kind of like when people donate big dollars to librarys and such. Because when you think about those that don't walk away with babies, that's what we are, financial donators. I think right now we are at double star donation status...IVF#3 and triple star status coming up!