Saturday, January 16, 2010

Schrödinger's Cat(s)

It's like cosmic, reproductive roulette: I am (technically) pregnant, yet I am also not (yet) pregnant. Will we end up with 2, 1, or 0 babies (we are not entertaining the prospect of 3, thank-you-very-much)? Will we finally get a beta number that is a real integer and a 5-week ultrasound, or cramps and a Trip to the Prom with Carrie?

One or both of our 8-cell transfers should be blasts today, ready to hatch from their little zonas and burrow into their new digs. I don't know what's become of our 4-cell transfer -- whom we've named "Wonky" -- but I sure hope s/he is having a ball with his/her brother(s)/sister(s) up in my lady business while it lasts.

My expectations remain in decent check, mostly because of the immense distractions of this past week, but the reality that I could reasonably start peeing on absorbent objects in less than a week and get a result is not lost on me. I probably will. I mean, it's been months since I've golden showered a plastic stick and I am jonesin'.

One week. One week. One week. Obsess much?


Pundelina said...

7 days is an eternity and I'm crossing all appendages for you Jen.

Faster Pussycats, Grow Grow!


jenicini said...

Big huge smile! Roulette can be incredibly fun at times! I'm hoping for a lucky run for you! :)

'Murgdan' said...

Crossing my fingers and holding my week.

Sprudeln said...

Time only slows down as the beta nears, eh? Best of luck to you!

bunny said...

This has got to be a tough week. I'm willing apposition, adhesion, and decidualization your way with every fiber of my being.

Krissi said...

Good luck! Get your mind as far away as possible, otherwise every nerve in your being will be making you tense. I know it's a lot harder said than done. I've been there but I now have my family and blog to help others. I just added you onto my blogroll. I hope you check it out!

kdactyl said...

Oh...the waiting sucks soooo bad. Hang in there. I have lots of hope for you.