Thursday, January 28, 2010

Short and Sweet

I promise to write something more interesting soon. I am just:
  • Still digesting the good news so far (belief is now at 85.2%)
  • Celebrating KB's best birthday present ever yesterday ("Lookit, honey: I got you a tiny human in my uterus!")*
  • Celebrating our best wedding anniversary ever this weekend (3-day weekend mini-vacay!)
  • Plowing through a metric shitload of work that I am trying not to stress over (I'm a delicate flower; I might wither).
 Bullet points, man. Efficiency at its finest.

* Actually, I got him this:

A frakkin' sous vide oven! Top Chef KB. Hell, yeah.


bunny said...

I look forward to hearing about sous vide baby food cookery... "These mashed carrots are so flavorful!" I hope your mini break is fabulous and worry-free.

Meg. said...

Still super psyched that you're pregnant. =) I'm really looking forward to hearing about a great u/s report.

And HELLS YEAH your hub better love the s*** outta that sous vide oven! (though I must take a moment of silence to remember Carla's downfall via sous vide)

Milk your mini vacay to its fullest! Best wedding anniversary EVER!

(and thanks for commenting on my blog. I honestly take your advice to heart)