Friday, January 8, 2010

The Work-Around

Or, How to Avoid Using a Known or Suspected Dull Needle

Step 1: Reduce, reuse, recycle sterile packaging of a Follistim pen needle to squirt contents of prefilled antagonist syringe into makeshift "vial." 

Step 2: Draw contents into sterile, SHARP, 30-gauge needle and syringe and inject into a pinch of flab (preferably the least bruised available, if remotely applicable).

Step 3: Profit!

Trigger will be tomorrow. My loins ache maddeningly, and not in the trashy-romance-novel way. My E2 isn't that high, so I find it hard to believe this could be OHSS; but I have read somewhere during my postdoc at Google University that antagonist cycles can give untrustworthy E2 readings in OHSS evaluation. Sweet.

Next up in our ongoing series of simply fascinating How-To Guides:  The Reach-Around (Or, Best Case Scenario in IVF $$ Analyses)


hope4joy said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the trigger shot. It means the wait is almost over. I am so excited for you. Beware of dull needles.

jenicini said...

From the small picture on the blog reader, the picture the follistim cap looked like raw meat. Or, maybe I'm just a weirdo tired chick! :)

I can't believe your trigger is tomorrow! How many follicles have they been tracking? Way to go on the needle finagling.

ASP said...

Looking forward to the reach-around! ;)That's a smart idea transferring the medicine to another needle. You're a real genius! Seriously! I can't believe you trigger tomorrow. Crazzzzzzy. You better be drinking a lot of water to avoid that OHSS. Looking forward to hearing how your retrieval goes. Best of luck, Woman.