Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drugs are Good, Mmmmkay?

I have 2 boxes of Follistim 900 IU that I would like to unload for a very fair price, at a deeeeep discount. If you or someone you know is interested in 1 or 2 brand-spankin' new, unopened, properly refrigerated boxes of Follistim containing 900 IU cartridges that expire 12/2011 (and a bonus injection pen for free!), please clicky on the email link and let me know. I am happy to cover overnight shipping on ice; a check from a trustworthy blogger or payment via PayPal from anyone with an account would be just dandy.

FYI: Follistim = Gonal-F, and they cost about the same.

Thanks for listening to Tradio!


kdactyl said...

So excited about your great U/S and that awesome bean in there! And...even though I am done with traditional IVF (doing an FET with adopted embryos this month)....I wanted to buy these drugs soooo bad! Isn't that silly? But a good deal on fert meds? Really? How can a girl pass that up. You may also want to try posting them on under the medical section...lots of excess fert meds are posted there as well. However...once I knew my baby was a keeper in there...I took them back to my clinic (I had a ton of Gonal F) and asked them to give them to a couple struggling with the cost of IVF. question...I see here that you are stopping PIO on Feb 21 at only 8 weeks? Why does your RE stop so early? My RE says the earliest is 10 weeks as that is when the placenta takes over the progesterone production. Will he be switching you to suppositories or are you stopping all together? Just curious about the different protocols.

So glad you got the Zofran...I hope it helps you.


JB said...

I might just donate the extra meds to my clinic, but I figured I'd try to get a little something back for my humongous med expense. It's money already spent, though, so donation is probably the easiest route.

I am actually being weaned off of PIO starting today -- down to a half dose (25 mg i.m.) until Sunday night, and then they'll do bloodwork next Wed at my last RE appt. I think if it is low (although it's been quite high from the start) they would put me right back on it. I try so hard not second-guess my RE, but I may ask them about suppositories for a couple more weeks. Because I am so over PIO shots -- there is no real estate left that is not welted. We'll see.

BB said...

Man... You are brace! I still have my meds sitting at home, I know should have donated them long back, but just didn't have the guts! And when I was about ready, I ended up on bedrest!

Meg. said...

Hmmmmm. I may take you up on this offer (and be ETERNALLY grateful) if my insurance pulls the big "F-You!" on my drug coverage.

As of right now, they claim I'll only owe a couple hundred out of pocket (which I'm not complaining about AT ALL), but they won't be sure until next week (convenient, eh?).

Regardless, I'm so happy that your pregnancy is progressing along and that baby is happy and healthy. Sorry for the all-day morning siickness though. =(

kdactyl said... glad to hear that your RE is weaning you and then taking the bloodwork to be sure. I don't want to alarm you...I was just paranoid so I actually requested to stay on the PIO up to 12 weeks. I know..I am crazy..but the PIO shots didn't really bother me. I just iced first everytime and I never felt a single one and bruised very little. I have found that there are myriads of IVF protocols out there and they all seem to I don't want you to worry...I was just curious.