Monday, February 1, 2010

It Gives You Wiiiiings

Or, You Connect the Dots in a Rambling Post

We had a lovely weekend in Chicago to celebrate our anniversary, bookended by a kilo-assload of work completed by Thursday night and a sinus infection and head cold starting Friday through today. But everything in between was bliss!

Because we are serious nerds, we spent all afternoon Friday at the Museum of Science and Industry. Among the exhibits was a human body tour, complete with real cross-sections and organ displays. Seeing the yardage of your intestines in their gray, stringy glory when you are already both nauseous and hungry is a special treat. There was also a display of fetal development in utero, which included week 4 through week 37 "specimens" collected from autopsies in the early 20th century. Once we got past the inherent creep factor, it was pretty cool and KB seemed to especially appreciate seeing the remarkable changes from early to late development. The 37-week baby was both terribly interesting and terribly sad to look at, since it was obviously a stillborn infant. By the time we reached that little vat of formaldehyde, the creepiness won and we moved on to something less gross, like a colon and anus.

Friday night we discovered that our hotel did not have ice machines available, and I needed to ice my rump down for a PIO injection. I called room service to request an ice bucket and it never came. Dicks. I rummaged through the minibar and noticed some metal cans that seemed pretty cold. So, I stuck a can of RedBull in my pants to numb my butt and holyshititworked. And to the next guest who raids the minibar to make a vodka and RedBull: enjoy. Compliments of my ass.

On Saturday, we ate for the second time at our new favorite but so-expensive-as-to-be-quite-occasional restaurant: Alinea. Twelve-course meal and SO GOOD. Anytime you are presented with a course called Truffle Explosion and cautioned to eat it with your mouth firmly closed or you'll be sorry, you know you're in for a treat.

As the weekend progressed, my cold took a little turn and I developed a low-grade fever, which naturally turned me into a Very Paranoid Person. After moaning that my uterus might very well be an actual oven, KB made me page the on-call nurse at my clinic to ask about acetaminophen. Which I already knew is totally fine to take. But still needed to hear it from someone else. Because, I don't know. Paranoia makes you do crazy shit. The nurse, who I'm fairly sure was calling me back from a bar, assured me that my 99-point-something temperature was no big deal and that I could have all the acetaminophen I desire. So, okay. Crisis averted. Narrowly.

I'm feeling better now but still keeping an eye on my temperature. You know, hourly.

One and one-half days (or two nights) until we get the almighty confirmation we need. I keep telling myself to assume all is well, because what else can you do? I just want to see to believe.


bunny said...

Oh man, your visit to Chicago is perfect for my vicarious needs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the MSI. I don't know if the exhibit you're describing is the same Body World exhibit we saw about fifty times when we lived there. If so, I recall the fetus room very well... We also dined at Alinea to celebrate me getting a job. We did the 30? 20? more courses option, and while it was amazing, we also got magic indigestion from all the wine and weird food combinations. Did you get to request no soft cheeses or shellfish 'cause you're PREGNANT? Hoping more than words can express for good news tomorrow.

Mrs. Hammer said...

Thanks for the comment - I totally forgot to post that we are doing a lupron flare protocol. I know it's not an antagonist protocol but my RE says the prego rates are higher with the flare than antagonist and thinks it will work the same, plus it's the most aggressive and because we told him it's our last cycle he, in his words, "brought out the big guns" I hope he's right.

I totally remember the Chicago museum as a child, specifically those disections! They were SO creepy!!! I can't believe you were able to stomach them in your current 'state.' Hope you feel better soon and that your u/s is all good news :)

hope4joy said...

Ah, love Chicago. It is such an awesome city and always a great time. The red bull fiasco was to funny. It just goes to show that you never know. 2 more nights, you can do that, easy!!

Pundelina said...

I love science museums :) Thx for the awesome cell scale link!

Glad you're feeling less like an oven.

ASP said...

Whaaa? Chicago? No visit from you? ;) Glad you had a great time! The baby display at the museum is definitely a little on the weird side but interesting to see. The body slices are pretty cool too! We've been to the museum like 903232 times and haven't been lately because we we're kind of burnt out on it. We hate learning. Not really but it does get old going there with company visiting. Soooo anyway, so, so happy that things are going well for you! I know that everything will be fine for you tomorrow too. You ice your PIO shots, huh? Our nurse said not to ice before those because it makes the oil harder to go in??? No, this doesn't happen? If not, I'll definitely be icing my ass during the next cycle. I usually try to sit on the heating pad before the shot. I've probably been doing that stuff allllll wrong! ;) New rules the next cycle!

Oh and I've never been to that restaurant you wrote about. Sounds interesting and worth checking out!

BB said...

Haha... your can for the next guest!?! Awesome! Hope you get over the cold soon. BTW, this exhibit was it "The Bodies" exhibit - they are prett cool (and freaky as well)!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great trip. I hope tomorrow's u/s is even better!