Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Opposite of Parenting

John Mayer and The Racist D***s: So okay, the guy can play guitar. But he's a total he-skank and a top-notch asshole, so it was with considerable shame that KB and I went to see John Mayer play last night. (We bought the tickets months ago, long before the asshatted Playboy and Rolling Stone interviews catapulted him to new heights of douchebaggery.) Anyway, he's pretty good live. He has a kickass band backing him: Steve Jordan, anyone? Drum solo? Yes-please-and-thank-you. What I didn't count on was a wave of nausea overcoming me halfway through the show, buoyed by the kid next to me rocking his seat so hard back and forth that it moved the whole row -- effectively creating the exact conditions of seasickness. I kept my cookies to myself but I gave KB the bat signal and we left around 10:30. Losers. Earlybirders. But we beat the post-concert traffic jam! Silver lining! I felt a wee bit guilty that the first concert experience Baby B had was this one, but I also feel vindicated by the fact that Baby B is just forming ear buds now; so no harm, no fowl. The next concert will be U2 in June, so that will be the first real live music experience for Baby B.* 

Nature versus Nurture: More facebook pictures posted of my stepsister's son! They were from his 3rd birthday party, which was held at.....for the 3rd year in a row.....wait for it.....HOOTERS. [sigh] I shit you not. My facebook feed was jammed with my Dad's pictures of the kid being passed around a group of crop-top-and-shorty-short-wearing, humongous-betitted Hooters waitresses. The volume of pictures, and labels such as "____'s Hooters Birthday Party" suggest they are PROUD of this achievement in poor parenting (and grandparenting). Oh.My.Gawd. All I can do is shake my head and vow to never let Baby B spend unsupervised time with Grandpa. Because they'd probably end up at the strip club to celebrate Easter. KB and I have been having some interesting conversations about plans after the baby is born, about parenting and "ground rules" with our families, and this just adds a new dimension. I guess we have to add "no trips to establishments with half- or whole-naked people" to the list of rules. Jaysus.

* My live musical taste isn't usually so vanilla...I've seen Super Furry Animals! Kings of Leon! The Strokes! Flaming Lips! Wilco!
I swear....


Trinity said...

Ugh, I was totally skeeved by his interviews, too. It seems like he just tries way too hard. NO MORE JOHN MAYER FOR YOU!

And Baby B is going to grow up listening to goooood music. :)

P.S. Hooters? Really, people?

hope4joy said...


bunny said...

I left a long comment that doesn't seem to have shown up. Or else you were offended by it and didn't approve it. (Was it because I asked if your husband is a salamander?). Anyways, the gist of it was Hooters birthday makes me cry.

JB said...

There must have been a glitch on the matrix, since your long comment never showed up for moderation. But to answer your question, no, KB is not a salamander.

And Hooters also makes me cry. Laugh at first, until I cry, and then mostly just cry.