Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wish List

Here are my high-level bullet points for the day. I wish....
  • ...I wasn't half-waiting for the other shoe to drop
  • ...I can just once get through a meal without feeling urpy
  • ...I had ultrasounds every other day (every day = excessive)
  • ...every blogger I know gets a positive pee stick to post about
Baby B is an overachiever today, measuring ahead at 7w5d with a heart rate of 145 bpm. I'm so going to pre-order some of those "My Honor student is smarter than your _____" bumper stickers.

We have one more visit with the RE and then I am pronounced a normal pregnant person. Holy shit. I will have to wait weeks, ne months, between ultrasounds. I'm just gonna have to go TomKat and buy a machine for home use. I made sure to score a Zofran script today, in case I forget next week (remembering things, such as why I turned on the faucet or why I am holding a pencil or why I am standing in the kitchen, is becoming a chore) since it will be a while before I see the new OB. Cause Mama B is seeeek.

"Morning" sickness is the biggest lie of all time (after the Grassy Knoll and Santa Claus), because it merely starts in the morning. It always sounded kind of adorable when other people talked about it, like some quaint rite of passage, but it is not. It is an unholy torrent of nausea that comes in waves and causes headaches and makes you want to diiiiie. At least for a minute or two. Mine seems to be an all-day affair that comes and goes with the precise timing of my hunger: as in, oh I'm so hungry so let's make a sammich...nom, nom, nom good first bite....oooohhhh I'm seeeeeek....But it is a reminder (however unpleasant) that Baby B is doing just fine and that all is right with my wombfruit (this week: a blueberry!).

So all is well. Except my stomach. [urp]


bunny said...

HA! I'm going go all Schadenfreude all over yo' ass! But seriously, congratulations on the enormous fetus, and I'm really sorry the morning sickness is being so nasty for you. The headaches are extra unfair. Sounds like a regular mini-migraine! Any way you can outsmart it by eating before you're actually hungry?

Wombfruit = awesome--nice Hail Mary / fruit of thy womb connection! I think if it's a girl you should go with that.

Trinity said...

I just got hypnotized by your floating shrimp.

I once heard another blogger refer to her morning sickness and "being lovesick". Gurrrrl, you are so in love then.

Congrats on another snazzy u/s!

jenicini said...

You are going to hate the end of ultrasounds! I'm happy that Baby B is growing well! Morning sickness does NOT sound fun! Hope the Zofran helps. :)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad things are progressing so well! What an over achiever to be 5 days ahead! I hope the "morning" sickness gets better though.

A Bumpy Ride said...

I've just found your blog and congratulations on your pregnancy! It's fantastic to read a success story. Looking forward to hearing more about it. A bumpy ride.