Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Must-See TV

Finally, pharma advertising that smacks of reality. All credit goes to alittlepregnant for writing about this, and providing the link. There are 5 videos altogether -- they are worth a viewing.


Meg. said...

God DAMN that's funny. =) I think there's a commercial in the set for almost every infertile.

Thanks for the laugh this morning.

(Hope you don't mind....I posted the series on my blog as well)

bunny said...

Those were pretty poignant, if also a bit patronizing. All infertile women are shrews! All infertile men are morons! But they made me cry anyway.

kdactyl said...

Soooo sooo true...all of it. Captured so well. I wish more fertiles understood what we go through!

Congrats on 12 weeks. So very exciting.


coll said...

They made me laugh and then cry... how funny.... Currently, it is my life......my husband wants nothing to do with "pressure sex"..