Monday, March 22, 2010

Over the River and Out of the Woods

So, at 12 weeks we are fine and dandy. The NT scan went well, and my doctor is getting more aggressive about staying on top of my nausea. He wants me to come in more than once a month until it's better. I love this practice. The doctors I've rotated with so far are like wise, kind grandfathers. Minus the Werther's. Perfect.

The kid has hands, knees, and a big ol' noggin and is measuring a couple of days ahead. This is the next to last ultrasound I will have, so I'd better get used to "no news is good news." It's good for me.

My mother-in-law, oblivious as she sometimes inadvertently is, wants me to make a bunch of phone calls to family to tell them (this, after I asked her if she could call some people since I have so many to call or email overall). Blech. I would be fine with NOT sharing this far and wide for a while longer, but I'm popping out of my pants, anyway (making it harder to hide), so I may as well get it over with. Don't I sound enthused? I just don't want people bugging me about it all the time, giving me assvice, or asking questions I don't feel like answering (I've already had to explain to a few people why we don't want to find out the gender before birth -- because we don't fucking want to, that's why!). I guess I want more time to cope with all the changes and the reality of it before other people get involved. Control freak much?

On a deliberately unrelated note, I need to get my blogging ass in gear and try to post something marginally interesting one of these days. Promises, promises. I have some ideas that may or may not be funny, but they crack my shit up, so hey.


bunny said...

OH MY GOD. THERE'S A BABY IN YOUR UTERUS. You should get that looked at.

Super big high fives on the normally developing baby. That's got to be a huge relief. And yay for not wanting to know the sex! That's always been my plan, should I have the opportunity. I'm sorry you are soon going to be plagued with stupid people being stupid, but I guess that's the price you pay.

Trinity said...


Congrats on 12 weeks! I know it hasn't felt this way to you, but OH MY it feels like this time has flown. Next thing I know you're gonna be popping that gender-unknown tyke out. ;)

I can totally understand not wanting to share the news so soon. If we ever by some scientific miracle achieve pregnancy, I probably won't tell anyone until the day I deliver.

hope4joy said...

Look at your baby! That is awesome. I say tell everyone that you are beyond thrilled to be knocked up and to mind thier damn business.

Pundelina said...

That sure is one fine looking baby in there! Soon you'll be feeling Baby B kick you - :o)

So glad everything is going so smoothly.

jenicini said...

Wow, head, body, arms, and legs! Seriously you have to call everybody to let them know? Can't they just find out in due time? :) That's my vote!

ASP said...

Yeah, I don't care if you're pregnant or not- you better start blogging more of that stuff that cracks your shit up! ;) God, I can't believe how big that sweet child o' yours is getting. Seriously. Whoa. Extra sweetness!

MIL's are so annoying sometimes (really most of the time, in my case) but you know she's just super excited for you and KB (your MIL paid me to write that). I bet/know you could come up with something clever and cute to announce the pregnancy/bebe. Anyway, you do what you want- like Bobby B. would say, "It's you're prerogative!" Thanks for sharing the pictures too! Did you come out of the pregnancy closet at the baby shower?

JB said...

I did come out of the pregnancy closet at that shower...and it was a bit weird. I was secretly thinking "well NOW I've jinxed myself." But the ladies were busily planning MY shower by the end of the afternoon, which was kind of neat (and also more weird). As soon as I raid my SIL's basement for free baby stuff (free pack n' play! free crib!) I will start thinking about where to register so I get the loot I want. But for now, I can only think day to day about how to not throw up. One thing at a time.

My MIL took care of town crier duties and I believe the entire Western hemisphere now knows. I am monitoring my fb page carefully to quickly delete any "congrats" wall posts so I don't become one of *those* people. I haven't called my sister or father yet (mother is a non-starter and long story). My family = can o' worms. These are the people who celebrate toddler birthdays at Hooters, after all. It's hard to get excited about looping them in.

Lisa said...

12 weeks is such a nice milestone to get past. Hopefully the end of your nausea is near! And I too spy some jazz hand action. Awesome!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Whoa, it's a real baby! When did that happen? Congrats on all the normal parts and stuff. Eh, I say don't call and let people figure it out when they see you waddling around with a big ole belly. It's more fun that way.

JB said...

My kid doesn't make jazz hands, y'all. That's a double bird flip. ;)