Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facebook Bingo

Yell it out with me now: BINGO!
(Dis)honorable mention:
  • Friends who construct their status updates like they've just penned a Prince song: "not looking 4ward 2 2morrow" (verbatim from a real post, people)
  • Friends who announce their pregnancy at ~4-6 weeks (because who can be sure when you're carefree and fertile?) while the pee on their EPT is still drying
  • Friends who invite you repeatedly to join FarmVille/Mafia Wars/Sorority Life/Zoo World/Cafe World/Which Star Wars Ewok Are You? quiz/etc without seeing your consistent and persistent "ignore" response as a hint


Meg. said...

This post made me "Lol."

My FB is littered with ultrasound scans as profile pictures. I feel like saying to these women, "Daaaaamn, Mary! I know we haven't seen eachother in almost 10 years, but you're aging really well. You don't look a day over 12 weeks!" WHY???

And I hate to say it, but my husband works for a small startup that exclusively makes FB games. I'm sorry.

Trinity said...

To these I would personally add:

*former college roommate whose father is a big burly baptist minister and for whom you actually feel pretty bad in retrospect because you repeatedly exposed her to your business time with your now-husband on the top bunk while she slept below.

*youngest sister who continually friend requests you despite your adamant, unfaltering IGNORING of said requests because you do not want to be subjected to her pornoriffic self-portraits.

*former work colleague whose status updates repeatedly request for you to vote for her toddler in a new fucktarded cute baby photo contest every week.

*the college ex-boyfriend for whom you were a bridesmaid in his wedding and was divorced within 18 months.

And my personal, full-hearted favorite...

*79 year old grandmother whose wall posts and picture comments are are signed off with "Love, Grandma" (As in, this is such a pretty picture of you. Love, Grandma.)