Thursday, April 29, 2010

Public Frenemy Number One

So, I hid my annoying and intelligence-challenged fb "friend" from my wall feed (the one who announced to fb, "I'm preggers!" the day she had an embryo transfer for her second IVF cycle). But I am weak. I caved. I checked her fb homepage directly and here is what I found: every day since her transfer, she has posted about her pregnancy-affirming nausea. And her pregnancy-induced food cravings ("Baby wants pizza!"). And her pregnancy-related migraines. And how she tragically "lost twins" a few years ago when her first IVF cycle failed (FYI, she had two embryos transferred and a negative beta). And today....drumroll, please....she posted her estimated due date. Oh yeah, by the way, she hasn't tested with an HPT (I just assume this because there is no picture of a urine-soaked pee-stick posted on her fb wall) and hasn't had a beta yet. Fuckwit.

Breaking News Update: fb "friend" had a negative beta. While I genuinely feel sorry for her, having been through two failed IVF cycles myself, I still think she set herself up like a bowling pin for a painful and public failure. For instance, a comment on her "beta was negative" fb post today: "Hey, I have 2 kids you can have for free -- haha!" Real funny, fertile friend-of-a-fb-"friend." Hysterical. But you know, a little common sense and discretion goes a long way to protect yourself from that kind of asshattery. Just sayin.'


Meg. said...

I think I just managed to pull out every single hair on my mammalian body while reading this post.


jenicini said...


bunny said...

I hope she "loses twins" again.

Well...maybe not actually. I guess I hope she gets pregnant and has a child who makes her life miserable.

Trinity said...

I have one word for your FB frenemy: cuntrag.

Kelly said...

I would've blocked her and then masochistically checked back just like you.

She sounds insane.