Friday, May 14, 2010

Coffee Talk

Today's Topic: to post about pregnancy on fb, or not. Discuss.

Dear bloggy friends, I am waffling. I am considering posting the anatomy scan sonogram picture* on fb. It sort of goes against my better judgment in many, many ways (as I am not someone who craves indiscriminate attention) but...there's always a but...I have some former coworkers, college and grad school classmates, etc. who are peripheral friends, but friends nevertheless, and I would like to clue them in before a newborn baby post makes its way to the fb wall feed. (I have been pretty laid back about telling anyone outside of my immediate circle of friends and in, I haven't bothered.) I do kind of adore the notion of dropping a huge life-event-bomb on people come October, because I'm evil like that, but the more sentimental part of me thinks it's nicer and more friend-like to drop that bomb now. Woe is me, for I am indecisive.

What thinks you, bloggy friends?

*Because a picture is worth a thousand awkward words.


Rebecca said...

Personally, I couldn't wait to tell all my FB "friends". I did wait until 13 weeks, however. What with the miscarriages and all.

bunny said...

I hate facebook and think you should delete your account. But personal craziness aside, yeah, totally! This might be your only chance to do it! And after all the announcements and pictures you've presumably had to endure, now is Your Time. Provided you're prepared for the storm of obnoxiousness that will presumably ensue...

Rachael L said...

For the sake of the "peripheal friends" who may have their feelings hurt if you don't tell them at all until the baby is born, I would post something, even if you don't go into anymore detail than the picture--some people will write and congrat you, and some people won't even notice it if they are friend-gatherers. But at least you can say you did say something if you get any "I can't believe you didn't tell me, I thought we were friends" emails after the birth.

kdactyl said...

I say go for it. I have had such wonderful support from some of the most unlikely FB friends. This is your time to rejoice and enjoy what you are growing....don't hold is just plain fun to share your news.


kmina said...

I am still debating that one.
I sent a mail to the friends I want to keep in the loop about this. But on FB - I still don't know what to do. Still have 13 weeks to go though.
Let us know what you decide. ;-)