Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gifts Large and Small

I learned this week that my sister-in-law's daughter's crib, which we were poised to inherit (thus saving us a bundle of money) is a drop-side. These are currently considered baby-murdering and may even be banned by Congress. Terrific. So yesterday I plunked down a huge wad of cash to buy a new crib. At least I was able to get the crib that matches the other furniture going in the room, so it's a complete set instead of mix-and-match (although it would have been close enough). Now that we have the furniture and carseat/stroller system purchased, I hope we are done with the savings-sucking and that the rest of the big ticket items (pack-and-play, highchair, bouncers, swings, etc.) are up for grabs from the sister-in-law and/or turn up at a shower. Because mama would like to eat and put gas in her car for the remainder of this year.

I also made a small drugstore purchase yesterday: my first ever tube of Preparation H. Oh, how exciting. You can fill in the beginning and end to this story any way you wish.


hope4joy said...

That is exciting news! Getting the crib and car seat, not the Preperation H. Here's hoping you get everything you need at your shower AND that your ass quits hurting.

bunny said...

But of course the preparation H is for acne! Or under eye puffiness! Or something? Isn't it good for something other than BURNING ASS?

I don't quite understand why you don't want the baby-murdering crib. It's not like this kid was hard to come by, and you can't possibly be attached to it yet. But whatevs. Pregnant ladies are crazy, I hear.

Is it pathetic that I want to see nursery pictures? Normally I'm like I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID DUCK THEME, but I'd like to see yours.

jenicini said...

Death traps! lol. Fun shopping. What kind of car seat and stroller did you get?

JB said...

Bunny -- three words: sock monkey theme. It'll be a few weeks before the nursery is set up with furniture. For now, the crap we already have is sitting in the hallway shoved up against the wall. Makes for obstacle course fun when you get up to pee in the middle of the night.

Jenicini -- We got the Chicco Key Fit in "cubes." This is totally weird, but I picked that pattern because the gray matches my car's interior. Lame, I know.

kdactyl said...

I picked my car seat because it matched my car don't are not alone. And...I have a chicco keyfit 30 that we used with out son....loved it...but always carry a recieving blanket with you to shade the baby...the one complaint I had was that the sun shade just didn't cover enough.

But hey...I have a drop side crib (only 2 years old) and my baby has survived. I think it depends on the one you get....they better not ban it...I have every intention of using it for this next baby and will NOT be shelling out money for another one. Yikes. It seems really sturdy and we haven't had any problems.

Yay for getting most of the big stuff out of the way. Setting up the nursery is so fun. Enjoy all these fun milestones.

Pundelina said...

Oh My god! They're banning the drop-side!! But I have been saving one for 7 years. Oh noes.

I, too, am uncaring about ducks but would love to see sock-monkeys - sounds very cute.


JB said...

Pundy -- it *might* get banned, in the US only, because a small number of accidents have been reported over the last few years (unfortunately, many are fatal due to the drop-side collapsing spontaneously). There are specific recalls for some drop-side cribs for that same reason, but there's a fix available (I think) to permanent affix the drop-side to be not so. In all likelihood, they are perfectly safe, but I decided "aw, fuck it" and bought a new one. I'm not 100% convinced my sister-in-law really wants to part with some of the stuff she's promised, anyway (random, not-all-that-useful stuff is trickling in, but nothing so useful as a pack-and-play, swing, or highchair, all of which we were certainly promised. We shall see).