Friday, June 25, 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I am boring. I suck. My life is a recorded loop right now. So it goes.

Sleep remains the same (about 2-3 hours per night, standard; 4 hours on a good night). I have adjusted. I keep my magic bottle of sleeping pills in the cupboard as a talisman to scare away the evil insomnia sprites who threaten to keep me up all hours of the night -- not sure if that's a success, but I seem to be functioning in a manner similar enough to fellow humans to walk amongst you, undetected. You'd never know I was a brain-hungry zombie.

The new symptom on the block is reflux -- hip, hip, hoo-fucking-ray! It's not bad, mostly just a little acidic/biley urpiness (I dunno which, although I would if I kept pH paper around the house). I guess I'll ask about Prevacid at my next OB appointment since Tums are no more effective than eating a breath mint. And less fresh.

Speaking of appointments, I get tested the for The Diabetes next week. I had better pass. Or else. (Or else what? Exactly.)  Then I switch to every-two-weekly appointments. Meh. Nothing new ever comes out of OB visits, except fresh symptoms for which to beg for drugs to treat. An end to that routine is certainly welcome.

And then, just to break the monotony, KB and I are taking one last vacation this year. (I refuse to call it a "babymoon" because that's wicked ruh-tah-ded.)  We're heading to NYC for a long weekend over the Fourth of July holiday. Going to see a Broadway musical! Going on a river cruise to watch fireworks! Going to museum(s)! Our hotel is about a block from Grand Central Station, so hopefully we can avoid too much hoofing it to get from place to place. I suppose we'll just cab it if we need to, even though I loathe cab drivers in New York. It's like they watched The Fast and The Furious to prepare for their driving test. And then somehow passed.


Lisa said...

I wish you could sleep better! It's so shitty to be sleeping that poorly before you even have the baby. Have a great time in NY!

Pundelina said...

Hey Jen - look at that little floaty baby in your ticker-thing. It's viable and baby-looking! Amazing - you're well and truly past the halfway mark now. Enjoy your holiday - when do you go?

bunny said...

Considering everything you had to go through in order to get pregnant, and considering how heinous your pregnancy has been, I for one am totally convinced your child will be completely angelic. Best newborn ever!

'Cause that's how it works, right?

New York sounds awesome. Perhaps you can travel by horse and carriage instead of cab.