Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just witnessed a solid 10 minutes of unabashed squirrel porn. Two wily little critters were going at it, uh, squirrel-style in my front yard. And clinging to the tree trunk. And in the flower bed. Dude. They wrestled, groomed, banged, ate a nut, banged some more, etc. Hot.

I took my glucose test today, and was surprised that the sugar solution wasn't that bad. It tasted like a hybrid of orange Gatorade and flat Fanta. Nom nom nom. I don't know when I get the results, but I'll probably be in NYC already if they call tomorrow or Friday.

I'll be in NYC! We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and staying until Monday. I lived there for a while after college, and sort of vaguely remember my way around the city. Fortunately, the iPhone has subway apps so you don't have to drag your map around, which just serves as a de facto "mug me, I'm a tourist" sign. I am suspending my OB's instructions to me today to watch my weight gain, as we are planning to get breakfast at the Doughnut Plant and eat bona fide NY-style pizza. (Sorry, Chicago, but your deep-dish pie is just too much for me right now.)

This will be the last trip KB and I take together as two adults. [sigh] Life is a-changing.


bunny said...

Yeeeeeah! Make me some more squirrels, you squirrels! Make 'em super cute!

Have a wonderful trip! And yeah, that Chicago deep dish kinda made me vomit up solid cheese the one time I ate it. Much as I love Chicago, NY has the winning pizza.

Kait said...

I don't know if I'd know that two squirrels were going at it, but it seems, from your post, that maybe I would... And can I please thank you for reminding me of the word "twitterpatted". SUCH A GREAT WORD!!! I'm definitely going to start using it again.

Trinity said...

Over the weekend I saw two birds gettin' jiggy wit it right next to my raspberry bush. Have some feather-flyin' bird sex and then nosh on my not-yet-ripe berries...why not? I tried not to hate on them for their sexual proximity to my fruits, mostly because I feel like there is a bird conspiracy going on around my yard. They're watching me, throwing themselves kamikaze style into my windows, silently threatening danger. Assholes. Just kidding, birds!

I can't wait to hear your update from NYC! Whatever you do, don't make the lame-o mistake that we did, choosing to see A Chorus Line (With! Mario! Lopez!) at the last minute over [title of show]. I still feel, deservedly, like a giant douche for that move. Blech. We also saw In the Heights that weekend, which was aaahhh-mazing, so some cool points restored there, I suppose. Wooo! Have fun!

kmina said...

Squirrel time ;-))

Finally, someone says it black on white that the GD drink is not. that. bad. Thank you. I hope your body reacts better to hormones and does not whack out your insulin production. From what you have been through until now, you should pass with flying colours.

Have fun in NY.

Allison said...

If, perchance, you caught me professing some love for you on Bunny's blog in response to your comment on HER blog, and if, perchance, you're still reading this....

I've read a little and you're really funny (the yoga poses cracked my shit up) and I think I would love you... but your baby is due about a week before mine would have been and I'm a miserable hag who isn't "over it yet" so although I am wishing you All The Very, Very Best, I am ashamed to say that my Own Woe is keeping me from reading further.

And now you think I'm a complete random nutjob. I have weighed this in my little brain and have decided it better to be a complete random nutjob than a love-professing lunatic who doesn't then ever show up on your blog.

So, hello! I showed up to wish you well. When I am stronger, I shall return to see how you and your little one are doing because, truly, from your sidebar, you have been through your own hell to have this baby.

Have a great time on your vacation. The squirrels were surely showing off. Little jerks.