Monday, August 23, 2010

"Nesting, Nesting, 1-2-3"

"Is this thing on?"

The nursery is now open for business. The crib is assembled, the changing table is moved in (from its previous station in the hallway), and pictures are hung on the walls. It was only a full-day process. Poor KB; he has so much on his to-do list these days. He really is a champ. His Husband of the Year trophy is being engraved.

I decided to be industrious this morning and haul the pack-n-play and bassinet upstairs to set up. My poor back; it has so much weight on it these days. It really is gimpy. Let me just say that the pack-n-play instructions (even with pictures) are less than helpful. I muscled that thing into submission. The bassinet was far easier to put together. I think KB may scold me when he gets home for dragging that stuff up the basement stairs; indeed, I have already punished myself (with Tylenol-resistant pain), but I had an overwhelming need to get these things done. I don't know why. Maybe it means birthing instincts are kicking in and I will start laboring sooner than later. [fingers crossed] A girl can dream.

The baby shower dramaz are not over yet, but I am trying really really hard to not stress about it. My sister-in-law is intervening to edit the menu to a reasonable degree, and KB has decided he will stay for the whole shower so he can help open gifts and, if needed, run interference with his mom. I feel bad that this factors into his decision to be there at all, but it's his choice and he thinks that's as good a reason as any to be there. In my opinion, he should be there anyhow since it's his baby, too. I've never really understood why dads are excluded from these events. There will be full details of the Great Shower Circus next week; let me preface by saying that what has already shown up at my house (for storage until the weekend) includes washed-to-reuse plastic champagne "glasses," plastic purple pastel flowers glued into plastic purple "vases," and paper doilies. Motherfucking paper doilies. [shudder]

Oh, and for good measure, I got to hear for at least the third time at a family birthday party this past weekend that daycare ruins children and makes them holy terrors. To which I added my usual commentary: "You do realize KB and I are putting the baby in daycare, right? You standing by that comment now?" *blank stare* I am thisclose to a throwdown if I hear it again. For realz.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled programming. Looking for more things to do around the house (I just cleaned the fridge), squeezing in some gainful employment-type work around my nesting schedule, and preparing for the last childbirth class tonight. I hope I get some kind of certificate declaring me fit to birth. Sweet.


kdactyl said...

Oh have been busy! Yay for the is always so much fun to finally see the room where your baby will spend so much time. I loved just going in there and sitting in the rocking chair while waiting for our son to be born.

Good luck with the shower...I would be dreading it too...I was so lucky my family and friends threw me very tasteful luncheons with no games, no pink and blue explosions anywhere and no drama...I hope yours does end up being an enjoyable day for you.

As for daycare...don't believe a word of it. We have our son in daycare and our daughter will go full time at 4 months far he is ahead in language skills, knows all his colors, shapes and animals and is generally sharp, happy and very well adjusted (and he is only 2). The structure is soooo good for him and he LOVES it there. In my experience...those kids who are home exclusively without the opportunity for social interaction and structure tend to be the ones with all the drama and behaviour issues because they were late to learn how to be a part of a group (ie: society) and share, compromise, wait your turn etc! I think your baby will thrive just like most of my son's friends at his daycare.

ASP said...

God, I love hearing your stories! You're too freakin' funny! I'm sure the shower is going to be a smashing success ;) and it'll be much, much better with KB by your side. Wear sunglasses so nobody can see you rolling your eyes! I can't believe your so close to your due date! Unfreakingbelievable!

bunny said...

Men are excluded from showers because people talk ceaselessly about pushing things out of their vaginas, right? And men would feel left out? That's always been my understanding. Mega props to you for not listening to the daycare bullshit passively. I've got a feeling that after enduring 3 IVF cycles, you are tough enough to make it through the baby shower, but I'm really glad you've got backup.

jenicini said...

Sweet. Way to kick that pack n play's butt and huzzah for hubby. He can help you combat the purple flower nightmare. :)

Lisa's mom said...

Agree with all previous responses. Especially the daycare comments from kdactyl. But there's no point in arguing with these people. Your response was perfect.
And the shower? It's one day. Good luck with that.
Be thankful you're not Lisa. My friends made her wear a lei and a grass skirt to her luau inspired bridal shower. (Of course, she did get a pina colada cocktail in a real coconut, so that helped.)
And no more hauling heavy things, Jen. You worked too hard for this little one to muck it up now.