Friday, August 27, 2010

On This Episode of Cribs...

The Nursery!

(aka where the bebeh will sleep once I get over the fear that s/he will stop breathing if I don't keep him/her two feet from me so I can stay up all night worrying about it)
I got all Martha-Stewart-crafty and made the initial paintings (I busted out a mutherfucking hot glue gun to get the block letter on the canvas). The first two initials are ready for a boy or a girl, and carefully hidden where no crazed family member can find them until the child is birthed and so named.
This is where (to your left) the bebeh will have its piss and shit wiped clean, and also where (to your right) I will fall asleep at 2AM while feeding the hungry hungry little hippo. I know this risks violation of the "don't shit where you eat" rule in the wild, but space is limited in this room. And that's a crazy-eyed sock monkey next to the pillow. Because sock monkeys RULE.
See? They RULE.
Boring. Not even one sock monkey. I am considering leaving the stock photo of the random Asian baby in the hospital-bracelet-keepsake-frame to make my mother-in-law nuts. [mwooo-ha-ha-ha]
The dog approves of the new digs.
THIS is where bebeh will sleep for a while, at least. Two feet away from my side of the bed. For convenient feeding, not because I will lie awake at night listening for breathing. Yup, that's it.
This is Cribs, yo. My fridge is baller. Check the organic milk, son.


Kelly said...

Ha! This is awesome.

bunny said...

Yay! Thank you for indulging us and showing us where your baby's shit will be cleansed. I approve of all your choices. Sock Monkeys do indeed rule. Monkeys suck, but when they're made of socks, I'm okay with them.

Hey, this is the big weekend, no? I hope you survive. If not, can I have your baby? (Whatever, KB won't want it--it will just be a painful reminder of you.)

kdactyl said...

I LOVE everything about your nursery! Great job. Love the sock monkeys too! And...I too thought baby would be in my room forever due to my neurosis....but then the darn little thing actually was soooo LOUD I never got any sleep at all....he was either grunting or breathing heavily or just generally squirming around in there but not yet ready for another meal. After 6 weeks I couldn't take it anymore and moved him to his crib and invested heavily in a Video was the BEST move I ever made and within two weeks of that night...he was sleeping 6-7 hours stretches.....and so was I!!!!! (envision angels singing and the heavens parting)!!!!
So excited to virtually "meet" your baby B!

ASP said...

I love the behbeh's room! The sock monkeys rock! And I love the pinboard with the monkays on it too! Did you make that too? It's funny because I was sitting her googling how to make letters out of twigs to put over the crib and here you are all craftin' it up and shit with block letters. Nice. Thanks for sharing! And please, send your MIL this way with all those plastic flowers for your shower. I'm going to need her mad planning skills eventually. ;)

Mrs. Hammer said...

Yeah for sock monkey's. I have my own collection as well :) The room turned out super cute!

Lisa said...

I love your nursery! Our dog likes to hide under the crib, too.