Wednesday, December 29, 2010

With Teeth

I suspect that Jackson has begun teething at 3.5 months of age. Yay. I mean, yay! I'm trying to be excited about this milestone except that I have read (thank you, O! Interwebs!) that teething can last for months before the tooth actually cuts through. Oh dearsweetbabyjesusno. I'm just not sure if he is, but I present to you, Great Citizens of Blogland, the evidence, Your Honors:
  1. Exhibit A: buckets o'drool. We call him Droolio (or Droolie Andrews or Droolia Droolie Dreyfuss) because in the past several weeks, he has produced enough drool to to generate hydropower. This, of course, leads to lots of chin-wiping which leads to irritated and dry skin which leads to lotioning which leads to anger which leads to hate which leads to suffering. And then he becomes Darth Vader, the end.
  2. Exhibit B: biting. Mainly his own mighty FIST! and fingers. (Side note: up until last week he only believed he had one FIST! but he now recognizes the existence of two FISTS! and brings them together, or punches one with the other, marveling at their feats of strength. Just in time for Festivus.) He bites and sucks and noshes his hands not only when he's hungry, but in between feedings. This effectively spreads the aforementioned drool everywhere. Often focused with laser-like intensity on my sleeves and shoulder.
  3. Exhibit C: the return of nighttime fussiness. We thought the end of The Colic by 3 months meant easy-going nights ahead...and there were several. Now we have seen the resurgence of pre-bedtime fussiness that, according to the worldwide Series of Tubes, may be due to increased awareness of gum pain when the distractions of the day are over. Or, maybe he's just being an asshole. Could be a little of Column A and a little of Column B.
  4. Exhibit D: agitation when eating. One thing this boy has never concerned himself with is being finicky about getting some food into his milkhole. Once our nursing struggles were more or less over after the first few weeks, it was pretty smooth sailing all the way (as long as we don't count my periodic re-engorgement when he goes through a growth spurt and coincident feeding frenzy, sore nipples, a recent bout of mastitis accompanied or perhaps caused by a milk blister, and total empathy for cooped up dairy cattle every time I pump). We've even had great success with the bottle since around 1 month (he would sometimes fight it at first, and we sorted out that I needed to be out of the room so that the feedbags weren't within his sphere of want, 'cause boobie>bottle). Once or twice in the past week, he has gotten upset while taking a bottle and tried to stick a fist (excuse me, FIST!) in his mouth instead of the bottle (despite being hungry), and has even been a little fussy while nursing a couple of times (my aching nipples -- hey, what a great name for a band -- My Aching Nipples suggest he's nom-noming on me while nursing.) Again, the sage internets say this could all be due to gum soreness.
My question to you, Blogmistresses and mamas, is when and how did your kiddos start teething? As in, what signs did you notice and when, how long did it last, and how did you cope with the agony of it all? I'm not looking for stories about outer fringe limits of normal, as in, "my cousin's friend's daughter's babysitter's niece was born with a full set of teeth" or, "I saw this article on the interwebs about a kid who grew, like, four sets of teeth like a shark." I'm pretty sure my son, despite being created by evil mad scientists in a petrie dish, is all human, so only within-normal-range stories about human babies, please. Because, and I hope I'm not being insulting here, those tales of dramaz are not helpful and only believable/applicable to inbred hill people. Who have no teeth, anyway.

P.S. I should add that for the past 1.5 weeks, the little man and I have been battling a head cold, so it's entirely possible that the bulk of these symptoms are attributable to that. But, the drooling and FIST! noming started several weeks ago, before any cold symptoms had appeared. Methinks they are independent.


Esperanza said...

My daughter started showing ALL of those signs at 3 months. She's almost 7 months now and not a tooth, though she continues to exhibit all the signs. If one more persons tells me "oh, she must be teething" one more time, I will do something socially unacceptable to them.

I'm sure this is not what you wanted to hear. Sorry!

Once Upon A Time said...

Yeah... my two both starting those same things around 3-4 months.

They got their first teeth this month at 9 months.


Honestly, the drooling isn't always a teething sign- spit production increases around the time you start feeding solids. Babies are also discovering that their FISTS! can fit (kinda) into their mouth around this time too. I hope that if there is a tooth on its way, it makes its grand appearance sooner than later. Teething is not fun, and there's a lot of teeth to fill that mouth. Me, I was hoping for 8 teeth (each) to show up in a month and get the darn stuff over with. No such luck. My two are slow teethers. Lucky me. :)

ASP said...

You freaking crack me up. I'm sitting here in a half asleep stupor about to spit oatmeal outta my mouth. Darth Vader, milkhole, My Aching Nipples?! You're the best. I hope Mr. J gets his act together soon! ;) Good times! ♥

bunny said...

I have no idea! But it sounds like an unfortunate interruption just as things are settling down. Yay! From what I hear, that's basically how parenthood works.

Trinity said...

No wisdom or experience here, 'cause, HELLO, I'm feeling about thirty shades of INADEQUATE when it comes to baby care at this moment, specifically as it relates to anything going in and coming out of my baby's milkhole. I don't know if your post makes me feel relieved that my current state of the breastfeeding union will soon hopefully pass, or if it makes me feel discouraged that HOLY SHIT THIS BABY IS KICKING MY ASS UP ONE SIDE AND DOWN THE OTHER WITH NO END IN SIGHT.

Here's hoping the two of you feel better soon!

'Murgdan' said...

Started with all of the above at three months...had the two bottoms by 4.5 months. Just got the two tops all the way in last week.

He has been officially renamed 'the guillotine' btw.

But that would be a horror story...according to my nipples anyway.

'Murgdan' said...

Oh...and the actual tooth arrival was preceded by 2-3 weeks of sleepless nights. Like up every 1-2 hours screaming sleepless nights.

And they are like small razor blades.

Tiny nipple torturing razor blades.