Friday, January 21, 2011

All By Myself

(Ripley's!) believe it or not, tonight is the first night in over three months that I have put Jackson to bed. It's been KB's thing since we started putting him in his crib to sleep -- he gives him a bedtime bottle, swaddles him, walks him around and rocks him, and then puts him to bed. I can usually tell by A) how long KB is in the nursery and B) how weary KB looks when he leaves whether it was a rough bedtime routine or an easy one. You see, Jackson has become a swaddle ninja. He usually fights it while it's being applied and then squirms out of it several times per night thereafter. It wasn't always this way. *sigh* Once upon a time, for such a brief, blissful few weeks, he slept peacefully and awoke only once (rarely twice) for feedings. And stayed swaddled. Ah, the good ol' days.

Anyway, we're re-sleep training (more or less at square one) plus bedtime with me instead of KB both represent departures from the usual routine, so I was afeared of what torture might await come 7:30PM. But...drumroll, please....nada. He took a cat nap after I nursed him this evening, then woke up and thoroughly (and noisily) pooped his pants, got a fresh diaper, took a bottle, let me swaddle him without a struggle, and fell asleep two minutes after I put him in the crib. What? Could it really be this easy? Yet here I sit, two hours later, without a single awakening. *knocks all nearby wood* KB will be home from his concert (Robert Plant's new band, I forget the name) probably around midnight, so as long as there are no shenanigans before then I am golden. *crosses fingers*

Of course, Jackson was grinning like a fool and laughing as I swaddled him. He might have an escape plan...

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bunny said...

Well clearly you're just a better parent than KB. Right? I mean, how else can the data be interpreted?