Monday, January 24, 2011

R-E-S-P-E-C-T BPA-Free

Twice now I have had to tell Jackson's Nonna that I won't give him anything made of plastic unless it clearly states on the packaging that it's "BPA-free." And twice now I've had to toss or exchange two different teething toys for this reason. *sigh* I know the rules of the road have changed considerably over the years, and are vast and varied, but FOR SERIOUS please remember the ones about safety, people. I don't ask for much. (I would have just smiled and accepted the BPA-riddled gift and exchanged it quietly later, but she was insisting on unwrapping it to shove it in his mouth right. then. and. there. So, no. Had to crack some proverbial skulls.)

So why the hell are there still BPA-containing consumables on the market, anyway? Huh? Powerful political lobby, that's why. Despite the multitude of studies linking BPA to neurological impairment, endocrine disruption, and possible (though not proven) carcinogenesis (but, hey, who needs cancer when you already have fucked up dopaminergic and estrogenic pathways?), the FDA and other federal agencies are dragging ass on regulating or, more appropriately, banning BPA in plastic drinking cups, bottles, and toys. Did you know that there is BPA in infant formula? Pretty decent levels, too. And in some canned goods (it's used in the can liner)? Holy hell, y'all. Between the BPA we're gulping down and the pharmaceuticals dissolved in our potable water, it's any wonder we haven't all grown tails and hooves. Actually, it's no wonder at all that infertility is so rampant (since much of the pharmaceuticals that drinking water tests positive for are contraceptive hormones and antidepressants or other prescription drugs not compatible with pregnancy, and BPA alters estrogen effects).

Also, Nonna asked if Jackson will be able to have ice cream soon. Uh, no. Why not? How about when he's eating solids? Well, because I don't believe ice cream would rank highly on the list of nutritious solids to try, and also because he doesn't need to have any processed sweets so soon, or really ever. But it's made of milk. Yeah, and a bucket o'sugar. And it's cow's milk, which he doesn't need to have until he's weaned from breast milk (and I'm hoping to make it to 1 year before that happens). I plan on giving him cake and ice cream for his first birthday, and no sooner. And sweets only on special occasions thereafter. Have we not all seen the epidemic of unbelievably fat children all around us? Crikey. These questions are always very leading, with an inflection of, If you won't give it to him, I will, as though the horrible deprivation I subject him to must be righted; this is why babysitting is still off the table for the foreseeable future. Lordy. Why can't my simple, responsible parenting decisions just be respected? KB doesn't disagree with me on this and other decisions, but he feels bad about telling his mom "no." So I guess I'll be the bad cop. Whatevs.

This PSA and general bitching session is now concluded.


Lauren said...

Oh man, my son's Nonna is the same way. She tried to feed him everything. Last weekend she tried to feed him chips, tea, and nutella. HE'S 10 MONTHS OLD! Luckily my husband is even more forceful than me on the topic. And she will never babysit him until he talks in full sentences and can tattle on her.

Maybe not even then.

ASP said...

I can totaaaaaaaally see R's mom being this way too. They can be so damn annoying. Luckily for us though, she lives 6 hours away so it's not that huge of an issue. I just think it's an older generation thing, "Well I gave my kids this and they're all fine, blah blah blah." She's just going to have to respect your wishes or she's going to have to respect deez instead. ;)

Trinity said...

BPA just freaks me the hell out, man. I have a drawer full of unopened teethers and toys that were given to me as shower gifts (without gift receipts, arrgh) that do not specifically note their BPA-less status. I have no idea what to do with them. I'm not going to use them or give them to Arlo, but I can't donate them in good faith either.

Also, I have to say, the impending relentless questioning of my parenting by family makes me quake. N's grandmother told me that I hold Arlo too much and that I'm spoiling him. He was FOUR DAYS OLD at the time. Shiiiiit. I get heartburn just thinking about it.

Stay strong, Mama! Kick ass and take names!

bunny said...

I'm sorry you have to be bad cop--that's a sucky dynamic to be forced into. And thanks for reminding me that the world is a terrifying place and that we're all going to become cancerous mutants any day now. I suppose our generation gets to be increasingly terrified by the consequences of the choices our parents and grandparents made, and those generations have to be relentlessly in denial about it. Makes for fun parenting, I bet.

Kelly said...

Man, I long for the days when we didn't know that ANYTHING was bad for us. Sure, we only lived till 40, but...

Yeah, okay, nevermind.

Stay strong. Fight the power.