Friday, January 14, 2011

Stupid Is as Fecund Does

My stepsister (the one who celebrates her toddler son's birthdays every year with a fun-for-the-whole-family Hooters bash) announced her second pregnancy on fb at 5 weeks. Like, pee-is-still-drying-on-the-stick early. Oh, the fertile, they are cavalier, and how. I didn't dare utter a public peep until I was holding a bebe in my arms. I do wonder: if she has a girl, will she have her birthday parties at Hooters, too? Role models for everyone! And hot wings!


hope4joy said...

Classy! Fertile peeps are so annoying sometimes yet I am jealous of the ability to be ignorant.

Kelly said...

I have a cousin who just did the same thing. Completely annoying. But, like the lady before me said, I totally envy the naivety.

bunny said...

Oh JAYSUS. Total hubris. Must be nice. I was trying to think of another trashy equivalent if it's a girl, but you're right--Hooters for a girl is pretty much perfect. Or, I don't know, a shelter for battered women? Was I too mean to your family there? Sorry.