Thursday, January 6, 2011

Survey Says....

On Food: I sent four 6-oz bottles to daycare today instead of the usual, four 5-oz bottles, since getting the call at 2PM yesterday that he had already gobbled up his fourth bottle. Yikes. I apparently have a hybrid baby: part cute human, part hungry hungry hippo. So how did the extra 4 ounces go over? Hardly, that's how. He added a grand total of 1 ounce to his daily intake today. That's it. And he spread his feedings out quite a bit more. Curiouser and curiouser. But also reassuring, that I don't need to suddenly and dramatically increase his milk supply. Tomorrow I'm sending three 8-ounce bottles for him to nosh on as he wishes, and see what comes home for an evening snack*. I suspect this is either the beginning of or the precursor to another possible growth spurt (4-month growth spurts aren't necessarily standard, but still fairly common). I'm hopeful that my no-holds-barred approach to boost milk volume and ongoing efforts to pump at every available opportunity will get me through the next week, since it can take that long to see an adjustment. Fingers, toes, and nipples crossed.

On Sleep: Jackson is a champion napper, apparently. The ladies who teach in his room at daycare (or "school") remarked several times this week that he's the best sleeper in the class, and goes right out when you put him in his crib. Holla! Today he even took three 1-hour naps in the morning, midday, and afternoon, and two of the three were in his crib. My boy, the head of the class. He's also the youngest kid in the class, so he's really kicking their infant asses by a mile in the nap department. Go Jackson! As for nighttime sleeping, he's holding his own but has been getting fussy a little earlier lately, so we moved his bedtime up to 7:30PM. He's still sleeping until around 1:30 or 2AM, when he wakes for a feeding, but the last couple of nights has started fussing at 11:30PM or so and had to be shushed back to sleep. KB gets a gold star for being the one to wake up and do the shushing (we learned a while ago that if I go in there, I'm not getting out without giving him the boob -- he just knows). Last night the suspected culprit was a swaddle FAIL -- when I peeked in on him before I went to bed, one entire arm was free and I knew this spelled trouble. He startles himself awake without the swaddle, and now we know for sure it will be a while before we take it out of the bedtime routine. I'd like to give him a free arm or two, but not just yet. Hopefully his much more secure swaddle tonight will keep him asleep longer. Sleep training is not a destination, y'all, it's a journey.

On Bouncing: Jackson weighs 13.6 lbs now, and is about 24 inches long, but can't quite touch the floor in his bouncer. It's more of a dangler. I stuck some pillows under his feet and helped him bounce and he luuuuurved it. He discovered he can gum the rim of the seat, which is made of fabric, and happily slurped on it while getting hypnotized by the lights and monkey sounds.

On Being Royalty: bumbo** throne! Highchair***! Lord of the Dog!
*Yep, I save unused breast milk from bottles he's already sucked on. After much internetting, I have decided it's fine to toss it back in the fridge until the next feeding. Another reason breast milk kicks formula's ass in my book: it doesn't spoil as readily.

**Yep, his bumbo is on the countertop of the butler pantry. Waaaay up high, where it's not supposed to be. But I stand in front of him, ready to scoop him up, the whole time. I keep his playmat on the countertop, too, so I can look at him at eye level more easily. But I do always buckle him into his swing, so, you first!

***Yep, that's one of those "outfits with pants" I've raged about...but now that he's in daycare, I can dress him in whatever I want to maximize cuteness and it's THEIR problem to track down the socks he kicks off (or just leave him barefoot, as he was when I picked him up today) and to tear through the layers to change his diaper (or just change him into a sleeper, as they did yesterday). 


jenicini said...

Way to kick those other kiddos' behinds Jackson! E morphs into a banshee when we swaddle him, then he passes out. Love it! Those flailing arms kill his naps.

I also stick those bm bottles back in the fridge. Gotta save every drop. I just make sure that he kills that one the next time.

Love love love the lord of the dog picture! Thanks for posting new pics!

Kelly said...

I love it. Maximize Cuteness!

There's another benefit of working motherhood to add to the list.

bunny said...

I knew he was going to be a prodigy. I bet sleeping in his crib will not be his only stellar achievement, but it's a great start.