Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Boy

I bought this outfit when Jackson was a newborn, because it was too stinking cute to pass up. The tag read "6-12 months" and so I snickered, "well, it'll be a long while before he can wear it, but it'll be so cute when he does -- in about a year* from now!" Here is my almost-5-month-old wearing The Outfit:
Proud milk belly bulging out, casual death-grip on the rocking chair arm. He talks (kind of), he sits up (sort of), he laughs at our jokes (in his way), he thinks kicking my face** as I sing "Boom Boom Pow" to him is hilarious. Mah boy is growing up, y'all. Time stops for no one.

*Being a noob, I didn't understand the laws governing baby clothing sizing. Always assume it's too small and you'll choose correctly.

**The only appropriate reaction to this song.


Lauren said...

Yeah, baby clothing isn't sized correctly. My kid was wearing all 12 month clothing at 5.5 months (he busted out of the 9 month stuff), and by 9 months he was in all 18 month clothing. Except for the rare pair of 12 month pants that happens to be super long.

Looking cute, Jackson!

Esperanza said...

I am horrible at guessing when clothes will fit Isa. I always think they are too long and by the time I put them on her they barely fit. It drives me crazy. I bought a couple of those onsie extenders and they have been a life saver! Jackson is too cute! Thanks for sharing the picture!

Esperanza @

hope4joy said...

That shirt is fantastic! As someone who isn't a mother yet I stood in the store at Christmas time for 30 minutes trying to figure out why they had both a 24 months and a 2T. I had to call my sister. I mean I am not a mother but I can do basic math. Room for a diaper.... now I get it.

Once Upon A Time said...

My kids are less than a month to 1 year old... and guess what size they wear? Sam 6-12 months or 12 months, Anna 6-12 months or 9 or 12 months. They have stayed pretty close to their age matching up with the size all along. The point is that you just don't know if you'll have a big kid, an average kid or a peanut. Maybe it's time they just give baby clothing a 1,2,3 etc. number.

But I digress. Jackson is adorable and I love the outfit!

Cheri said...

Wow. You bought a chair just to coordinate with this adorable outfit? Impressive. (He wears it well, by the way.) Very cute. Love this age.