Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bring Out Yer Dead

It's Tuesday and I'm still alive. Two visits to Urgent Care later, on antibiotic number 3 with an inhaler. Superbug, supernerd. Praying to the Nipple Gods I don't get thrush. Please, Nipple Gods. No thrush.

Toiling away to get work wrapped up. Taking sick time around the boluses of work, to reclaim whatever is left of my lungs and the sinus holes in my face. Where the bacteria made such a hospitable home. Fuck you, bacteria. Hope you like your housewarming present: erythromycin. Enjoy, assholes.

Focusing on what comes next: more time at home, more time with this guy:


Anonymous said...

Thrush would be the cherry on the bug/bacteria cake... I join in prayer that you don't get it.
And you are focusing on the right person. Man, he rocks those buses!

bunny said...

Please Nipple Gods! Please! Continue with Operation Stay Alive. This phase sounds absolutely HORRID, but better time are coming.

Roccie said...

I like your Wheels on the Bus Outfit little man.

Lisa said...

I really hope this is your last bout with antibiotics for a looong time. Gross. Have I mentioned how ridiculously envious I am of you? I hate my job so f'ing much (well, really just 2 of the 3 schools I work in). I wish I could take it and shove it. Enjoy your new-found freedom!