Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a Guaranteed Bestseller

"A Tale of Two Titties."

"The Tell-Tale Tit."

"Oliver Tit."

"Tits of d'Urbervilles."

"The Fall of the House of Udder."

(But, wait! I've got a million of 'em!)

Three doses of antibiotics and extra-super-strength ibuprofen and my boob feels nearly normal again. I think it just needed a good feeling up by the doctor today, and the threat of a needle poke should the duct blockage prove to be an abscess. I was advised to clean my pump equipment as thoroughly as possible, considering the frequency at which it's used (and how the recent increase in use correlates with the onset of perpetual mastitis). So I guess that means no more letting the dog lick the breast shields or spit-shining the screw cap adapters. Perhaps I'll install an autoclave in the basement.


Trinity said...

"Moby Tit"

"The Red Boob of Courage"

"Tender is the Teet"

"The Scarlet Hooter"

Fuck this mastitis shit! Happy to hear that the abx and ibruprofen are doing their thing!

finch said...

Wow. I hope the doctor's threats get your boobs in line. Enough with the mastitis already, boobs!

Esperanza said...

Titaaaays! I'm sorry I just love to say TITAAYS! And if I can't say it here, where can I say it. Oh, and I'm glad you're titays are feeling better!

jenicini said...

W. T. F.

Jen you can NOT follow me down this frackin path! I hope the girls are feeling better. After all of the hoopla I went through, I'm convinced that the pump wasn't really emptying the ducts. I had a hand pump that I had ordered prior to needing an electric one, which I started using after the hospital visit. I got a ton more with the hand pump than the electric one.

Have they cultured your milk yet for aerobic, anaerobic, and fungal infection?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a bonus card and get more points for each mastitis or antibiotics cure?
Along with entrusting the dog with the washing of the pump parts, what about starting to eat mouldy bread? That way you could be producing your own penicillin and save money on the medicine.

Joking aside, this is AWFUL. I would ask for my money back.
Coincidentally, the verification word is a 'strong' word with an extra f and h. Appropriately, I might think.

Carli said...

Love the book titles!

Ugh, never having been there, I can't really empathize with you - but it sounds extremely shitty. Glad to hear the meds are helping.

And I hope that you can avoid round number 4.

JB said...

Jen: they haven't done a culture, or even asked about it. It continues to respond rapidly to the first-line antibiotic, so it seems straightforward for now. I was weepy and scared yesterday that they were going to start harassing me about stopping breastfeeding, which I do not plan to do just yet. If this continues to happen (maybe when we hit round 7 or 8, haha) or if it ever does turn into an abscess, then I will do what I am told. For now, it's just a monstrous inconvenience.

Kelly said...

Ugh... it sounds horrible. Hang in there.